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My 2019 Gardens/Flowerbeds

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Re: [wiperhunter2] My 2019 Gardens/Flowerbeds In reply to
Wow that was really cold Tues night, we had a low of -5! Guess even you guys felt that cold temp drop as well.

Did you ever make over yet to look at mme's raised beds?

Called J&J's as well as Valley, they are out of the bulk utelite. Looks like we'll making drive to get some before winter really sets in. Next week we should be ready to start filling our GH beds. Think we're going to need 4 cu yds of it - they said to call them to be sure they have it available before we drive there - hope they will. We really want to get these beds ready for use come early spring.
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Re: [jjannie] My 2019 Gardens/Flowerbeds In reply to
Got down to 9 here, a little chilly on our walk this morning but no worse than yesterday, when the wind was blowing.
Yes, I did make it over to mme's to look at his raised beds. He said the bottom half of his grow boxes had dirt in them, not utelite. It would be too expensive to fill 6' by 32' by 2 ft deep boxes with utelite but I loved how high they were, not much bending over with boxes that tall. If you guys make your boxes that tall, I'd recommend filling the bottom half with sand, so your SP have more growing room.
Here is a close up pic of one of his corner post.

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image/jpeg 100_3182.JPG (1.97 MB)
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Re: [wiperhunter2] My 2019 Gardens/Flowerbeds In reply to
sorry I missed needing to respond to you...

Well we got two of larger beds filled. Seems we're good for filling one of them a day before we get too whooshed. Tomorrow we need to finishing the building process for the 2 smaller beds, still about 2ft deep each but they are only 3x4 in size. We've got our Utelite dumped out on our parking area so we fill 5gl buckets, load them into wheelbarrow and cart them around to the other side of the house to the GH where the buckets make it easier to bring inside the GH.

His beds are nice looking for sure. Those t posts will really hold them in place nicely.
I guess a sand bottom would have been option. but we past that for now.

Guess we'll be back at again tomorrow. But we are really happy with how everything is turning out so far. Hopefully plants will grow like mad in it next year. We'll be experimenting once again for sure. Already looking forward to it.
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