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State Park Dock Removal

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State Park Dock Removal
Courtesy docks at most Northern Region State Parks were removed from the water in early October. Some, if not all, of the wedge/ramp docks were left in place to facilitate boat launching so that one doesn't have to beach a boat to gain access to the boat.

I've long wondered WHY the parks people do this and effectively curtail fishing during a peak part of the season. There are lots of opinions about this and most seem to disparage the Parks & Rec folks. So I sent an inquiry to the Parks & Rec folks and asked them about this. Their answer was informative and insightful. Here is their response:
Thanks for your comment concerning courtesy docks at Utah State Parks. The easy answer to your question is that each state park is run independently and each coordinates with what we refer to as a region crew. This region crew must schedule with a number of individual reservoir parks to pull the docks before freezing temperatures set in. That means some docks are pulled early and some later. As a whole, the region crew boss also has other projects that they are working on and scheduling and perhaps some dock are pulled early to meet future scheduling. It is a balancing act. I'm not saying that this is what happens every time but this is part of the overall dynamic (or dance) that takes place yearly. One could argue that there are alternatives and there are but they usually entail increased dollar expenditures and we're trying to be as efficient as possible.
I hope this sheds a little light onto this situation.
Rockport still had their wedge/ramp dock in place last week and I assume other State Parks do as well. So I asked for some further information as to who will pull those docks and when. I'll, of course, pass that answer along as well as soon as I get it.

Knowing HOW & WHY things work is key to understanding the required process. I still think the courtesy docks are being pulled too early, but my fishing needs and wants aren't part of the equation. There is a bigger picture that most users never think about or consider when a decision by a state agency has a negative impact on their personal lives. I think knowing there is a valid reason for an action makes the action a little easier to live with.

Bob Hicks, from Utah
I'm 77 years young and going as hard as I can for as long as I can.
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Good info, thanks for doing this research.
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Re: [dubob] State Park Dock Removal In reply to
Thanks for the report. That makes sense since one crew has to remove the docks at multiple state parks. I'm sure thankful for the small wedge dock they leave because it's a real pain to board from shore.