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Berry Slow

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Berry Slow
So I took my son up to Strawberry today for a final soft water event. Just couldnt seem to find a lot of fish. We fished from 8:30 to 12:30 and only caught 12. 2 weeks ago we were close to 100. Last week 50. This week not nearly as good.

We used the typical tipped white tube jigs and such, but it didnt seem like the bite was hot.

We fished by Sage Hen Knoll and then in Renegade.

Has anyone seen a decline in the past few weeks at the berry or have I just been fishing the wrong spots.

Water temp is 41 degrees.

Oh well, thats fishing right? Not just catching.

I guess all a guy can do is go again.
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Re: [Just4fun] Berry Slow In reply to
we were at Renegade Sat trolling had 6 lines out

we stopped fishing at 11 am was in water 35 to 50 feet deep
we had one are two fish on all the time went through 4 doz worms.
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Re: [Just4fun] Berry Slow In reply to
My fish count went from 115, to 79 and then 40 last Thursday, so yes I have noticed it slowing down some. Although, if I would have been a little more patient on my hook set I probably would have caught way more than 40.

“We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.”
- Stephen M.R. Covey
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