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Willar Bank Tanglers

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Willar Bank Tanglers
Pitched a ton of differnt rigs into the north marina at willard. Double drop shots with jigs, tipped with worms. Floating jig headed tipped with worms. Ned rigs with various plastics, and Santee cooper rigs with chubs. A couple light hits on the drop shot and one take on the floating jig head, but we could not hook up. Cut out early and tickled a few carp up with corn in the outlet. Then tried again in the marina in the evening with even less luck. Looked pretty slow for the boats turning circles in the marina. Only saw one brought in.

Real nice day for this late in the month.

I also hit UL earlier this week. Fishing was fast. Will post on this when I get the video ready.

Yukon the cowboy-pirate, acting crew-chief of Adventures with Cookie and the Cowboy

REMEMBER: Keep the lid on the worms, always share your jerky, and wave when you see the pirate crew.
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Re: [Cowboypirate] Willar Bank Tanglers In reply to
Yep - Passed you on the way out of the marina in my green pontoon boat. Got skunked myself, but I thought you guys would catch something if anyone did.