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FishingwithRusty, Gville, lm, 10/03-05/...

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FishingwithRusty, Gville, lm, 10/03-05/19, Gray
Gray and I went down for the spro tournament. covered a lot of water on thursday and friday and found a couple of mats with some fish. on friday i was going through one area, had a fish eat the frog, set the hook and as im reeling it in i hear a boat come down off pad. i looked over my shoulder and literally dude set down and came over and started fishing the river channel edge of the mat i was on, followed me down the mat for 200yds, so i put on a show for him and stuck everything that bit there. dude came around the end of the mat and within 20' of me and says "gonna be tough tomorrow" LOL!!!!! i responded with "someone always catches them." he was throwing a frog on what looked like 5 1/2 foot rod and fishing it VERY fast. oh well, regretted burning those fish because it was TOUGH on saturday. caught a 5.69 within the first 30 mins and didnt catch another fish all day, had 3 or 4 other blows but didnt hook up with any of them. thankfully Gray was on his game. He caught our other 4 and missed 2 other bites. was a TOUGH day for sure. ended up 8th with 13+ and 3rd biggest fish out over 300 boats.<br /><br />