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Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn...

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Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn Mosquitoes!
The Best Mosquito Defense I've Found:)

Tropical climates are the worst for mosquitos. Especially at night & when the wind drops. During the day they're resting in trees to shrubs. At night they start looking for food (blood) in droves, like vampires. Lighted coils really don't do much unless you light over a dozen of them. Skin lotions for exposed areas do work but it's hard to keep that off the baits. That "scent" can make your bait undesirable. Also it's hard to properly grip your gear because of slippery hands.

Before i'd bring long workout pants, a long sleeve shirt & full socks to fish at night. If not i'm just feeding the mosquitos. Summer nights are miserable & hot, especially dressed like this. I don't mind the roaches, centipedes & mice. It's the mosquitos that drive me crazy! But at a local Don Quixote store i found a brand of mosquito netting by Stansport for campers. This is a proven winner!

So i'd thought i share my find. I don't sleep on a cot at night, i sit in my comfy beach chair. It's faster to run for my rig when i hear the bell going off. Stansport & other camping companies do manufacture mosquito netting for cots & hammocks. Also Costco now sells those "open door" styled tents. Some may laugh at this video but when i go at night i see others suffering all night feeding mosquitos because they haven't learned. That small pouch will save your night.
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Re: [ScubaChris] Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn Mosquitoes! In reply to
Great idea Chris, thanks for sharing that with us. We have gnats around here, even though they don't bite they are so thick during the day they get in your nose, eyes, ears and you will suck them in when you are trying to breathCrazy. I usually use a head net when they are really bad but I can understand how a full body one would be ideal for fishing at night. Did you buy that one online?

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn Mosquitoes! In reply to
I got it from a local Don Quixote store in their camping section. I see Stansports mosquito netting on eBay & Amazon as well. For mosquitos i've heard Thermacell works, but i haven't used one.