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Virus Hoax Making The Rounds

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Virus Hoax Making The Rounds
I already repaired this for some friends. It will be sent to friends of recipiants that does not realize it is a Hoax!
If you recieve this in your email send a reply to the sender and let them know it is a hoax. Ask them to send a correction to all that they have sent this to. If done soon enough it will reduce the chance of someone following the directions.

Virus Hoax Making The Rounds - 'Jdbgmgr.EXE'
Newsbytes News Network

A virus warning is making the rounds urging people to search for a purported virus on their hard
drives - a file named JDBGMGR.EXE. Chances are, they will find it, because the "warning" is a

According to several anti-virus companies, the hoax first appeared in April, but two new variants
of the message have been spotted in the last three days

The bogus warning takes several forms, but in general it tells people they have received a
dangerous, undetectable virus via e-mail that must be found and deleted from their "C" drives.
Some variants claim the "virus" hibernates for 14 days before awakening and causing damage to
their computers.

Anti-virus companies have identified French, Spanish, Italian and German versions of the English

In reality, JDBGMGR.EXE is a standard Windows component. According to anti-virus
company F-Secure, it uses as a Java debugger manager in a Microsoft Java runtime engine.

"We checked several versions of this utility from Windows installations and found nothing
malicious in them," F-Secure wrote in its warning about the hoax.

Texas Gulf Coast Fisher <*(())))))))))>{
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Re: Virus Hoax Making The Rounds In reply to
I will have to sleep on that one....
Lookie See what the kids are up to.
Dave T. Clown
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Re: Virus Hoax Making The Rounds In reply to
   Yeah I fell for that one in late Feb or Early March. Deleted it but nothing serious happened. Later a friend told me that that file is only used to restore files that you have deleted and had been deleted for a period of time. Felt kinda silly but what the hey did not know any better at that time and asked person that forwarded it to me and the seemed sure. Who ever started that sure is getting a lot of laughs.

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Re: Virus Hoax Making The Rounds In reply to
The removal of this file is most noticable when using Windows 98 /SE and windows Me. with windows Explorer Brouser on the net. It is part of the Java Script program intigrated with windows. When missing, some of the graphics do not load properly on some web pages. You will see a broken picture frame insted of the graphics.
The repair requires you to reinstall the windows program. With 98 and 98/SE you will want to backup your files first and make note of your program settings. With Me. you can reinstall and not loose your files or settings.
If you are using 98 or 98/SE and your computer is 150Mhz or faster you can upgrade to Win Me. and keep all your programs and setings.

Texas Gulf Coast Fisher <*(())))))))))>{

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