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I took my son and a friend of his fishing a couple of weeks ago at a local private lake. My sons friend had been using a white plastic top-water lure most of the day without any luck. Until we were in the back of a small cove. He cast it as far into the weeds as he could and was bumping it back out when my son yelled "What's that". I looked up just in time to see a LARGE owl drop out of a tree grab the lure and head back up to the trees. My sons friend jerked on the line
( I don't know if he was trying to set the hook or it was just out of habit) and the owl turned loose of the lure. He landed in a tree and continued to watch us fish. After a few minutes he made a second attempt at the lure but it was pulled out of his reach, so he landed on a stump in the middle of the cove. About this time I thought it was a good time to move on.