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Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle...

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Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test
Is there a rule of thumb that says when using "x" pound test line, leader material or terminal tackle in excess of "y" pound test is a waste?

In other words, when trolling with, say, 50Lb line is there a point at which leader material/terminal tackle above a certain test is going to be overkill, because the line would break well below this?

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Re: Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test In reply to
Kinda depends.....If you're fishing for Billfish (marlin), 100lb test leader would not be out of line because fishing straight 50lb you would run the risk of the fish wearing through the line. Where you're fishing for rough lipped fish that rough up a line, a heavier test leader may be appropriate, however, I've run into fish (Tuna) that were line shy and we had to run straight test to even get bit, if we were using heavier line, we couldn't get bit. It really depends on each individual fishing situation and the target species as to whether a heavier test leader is going to be appropriate

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Re: Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test In reply to
Thanks for your reply. It made a lot of sense.

What about terminal tackle? Does the terminal tackle need to be the same test as the line? Or, should it be heavier in some instances? For instance, your example of fishing for marlin on 50 lb test with a 100 lb leader. What test of terminal tackle would one be expected to use in this case?

I am pretty much new to this, and I have been studying all that I can get my hands on. But, I still have many questions. Any info is always appreciated.

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Re: Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test In reply to
Consider if your drag is set properly then it can accomodate any wieght leader. Then the only thing you will need to worry about is "is my leader to heavy creating the fish to be line shy."

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Re: Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test In reply to
The above points are right.

Possibly the “line Test” thing is more of a gage for the Tackle you get to use?

With the use of circle hooks, leaders can be smaller, more chance of the hook going into the corner of the mouth so your not chaffing teeth / lips as much.

Often when trolling for Wahoo, on 30 pound line / tackle, we will use 400 lb. Leader.

Like Thor said, often when baiting big Tuna, hoping for one bigger than YOU on 130 pound line / Tackle, you might put the hook on 60 lb. Or less leader.

You kind a need to match the situation.
This is why it’s SO Much FUN getting ALL the tackle you can carry….

The terminal tackle should be Strong, you do need to keep in mind the Visibility of it. Many fish will relate swivels to danger.
Also, Every time you add something between You & the Fish, you ARE creating a “Link”, each link / knot is a weeker spot than a strait line. Ya need for links to hold up to the pressure it will be going thru.
Possibly, the swivels will be with you for a while, “IF” you get the good ones. Some of the “cheaper” stuff will not hold up or perform right, with ALL one has to go thru to get a hook IN a fish, the Swivel is a small but very Important part.
It is easy to “overkill”…it is easier to Underkill…
Don’t skimp on this part of the game.
Hooks, swivels, line, crimps, knots, …
You can be on the most expensive Biggest boat using the best tackle one can buy…
If the stuff you attach yourself to the fish with is not up to par….Well…..

It is possible that the “strongest” rig is a strait tie to the hook with the main line, only One link….well… Two…the hook & at the Bottom of the spool…

Good questions…

Stand Up!!!
color=blue>ALOHA & Good LUCK
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Re: Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test In reply to
All the above advice is good! I would like to add that the leader must also be heavy (thick) enough for ease of handling. Imagine trying to hand trace a thin leader with a stroppy Mako on the end! The leader must be heavy enough to resist chaffing from fish, rocks or side of boat but not so heavy (thick) as to put off fish. Tuna have fantastic vision and can spot a heavy leader, solution is to reduce the strenght of the leader until you begin to get hits, might have to tie straight main line to your hook as previously suggested OR you could use Fluorocarbon leader in your preferred strenght since Fluorocarbon line is "invisible to fish". General rule is to use a leader strenght as light as possible that will safely do the job and the previously mentioned requirements.

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Re: Line Test vs Leader / Terminal Tackle Test In reply to
Steve the MJB at the Lures & bait board, recently offered me some a good tip for helping with toothy fish, mostly for deep jigging, good advice if your jigging deep or doing the YoYo thing…

He mentioned that it works to get a 4 to 10 inch piece of clear tubing & slide it over your mainline before tieing the knot. This will searve two purposes…

Protection from teeth &
It will help to keep the jig hook from doubling back & fouling with the mainline.

I tried it & it seems to work, I got a Giant Trevelly on strait 30lb line, the way it was hooked deep in the mouth, IMO, pretty good chance it would of cut off during the Battle between the fish & the fish folk pulling against each other.

Before the bite, no problems with the hooks wanting to foul either…

It was a 23 lb. White Ulua & the folk was a 14 year girl…
GooD FUN on the Spinning rod…Shocked

`just another way to think of leaders compared to tackle / fish sizes…

Cool ALOHA from KAUAI Smile

Stand Up!!!

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