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Salmon Fishing--Little River Inlet

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Salmon Fishing--Little River Inlet
Every Week I go down to The little River Inlet on the Shore of Lake Michigan in Marinette WIsconsin. The past few weeks has seen a progressively slowing process in the Salmon each week. They have not come in at all like past years yet. Each week a few anglers catch their limit, but it is over in just a couple hours. THe past few weekends, the wind has not been quite right so that may have an effect on the action, but usually there are a bunch of Salmon in the inlet day and night. Every night I go it is quite a pain(however sometimes quite hilarious) to have your fishing evening interrupted by the several drunks who frequent the area and won't shut-up. SOmetimes I wonder if that may be the reason the fish don't bite!!!! SOme Loud-mouth fruitcake is belowing obsenities and it turns off the appetite of the fish or something. ANyway, hopefully pretty soon the fishing will pick up a bit.

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