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Howdy, Don't know if I'm at the right spot or not, and I hope I don't make a fool of myself. I am looking for info on fishing using up to date methods, and lures, in the bays and flats on the gulf coast. I use to fish Galveston Bay (Texas) back in the late 60's mostly using a silver spoon with a yellow bucktail wading. But last week I noticed fishing has changed greatly and live bait (shrimp) isn't any fun. I freshwater fish, but now that I'm retired, the bay is calling. If you want to talk bay or saltwater fishing using soft baits or lures or techniques you will sure find a bent ear here. I need a crash coarse.

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Re: [scoobie2] softbaits In reply to
Pirate hey buddy,,

I too am tryin to get this computer stuff right. iI sent you a couple of messages . how long does artifical worms,grubs,any plastic stay effective ,I have some still in plastic pouches, some just lieing in my tackle box. I would hope you don't need to buy new bait every fishin trip, rubbin fish scent on plastics dose seem to revive them. I'm a fresh water fisherman , bass mostly.
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Re: [swampy] softbaits In reply to
here is a trick to keeping your rubbers young and helthy.

2 things deteriate rubber and plastic heat and sunlight

so if you store them in ziplock bagies with all the air squeezed out and place them in something dark next to a concreat fllor or better if they dont have hooks in them place them in the rrefrigerator or freeser.

I have work with balloon animals a great deal in the last 20 years and I have had the misfortune of loosing a bunch of them at first because they got too worm or I left them out in the sun.

I also lost many ruber worms in the same way having them melt in the bos and sticking to every thing it touches in the box. This happens faster than one might think.

so today I now store my balloons in the freezer till it is time for me to use them. then I take them out and put them in a 6 pack cooler for transport in the car. (especialy if I am going to be doing more than a grose at a time.) my animal baloons can deteriate with in hours in a heated car, though ruber worms are a bit thincker they are made of the same product (low grade rubber)

if you keep this in mind then you can keep your rubber baits fresh and viable for years to come.

making a power bait solong as the product is not acid in base by taking your sents and putting it in a plastic jar or ziploc baggie (only enough to get on the worms not swim in the stench) can be stored the fary same way.

so for those of you who enjoys fishing wirh rubbers then keep the thermal sixpack cooler in mind for your next long trip. (it never hurts to throw a nice cold pop or beer in the coller with the worms Tongue

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.