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Concealed Carry Permit

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Concealed Carry Permit
Wyoming has decided to allow all citizens not convicted of a felony to be able to carry a concealed weapons. Here in Utah, we must take a class and pass a background check in order to carry. I have very mixed feelings on wyomings decision. I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks on this issue. Do you support this move? Here's the article.....

Associated Press Writer
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A House committee on Wednesday recommended a bill that would liberalize Wyoming's concealed weapons law.
The measure, sent to the House floor 7-2 by the House Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee, would essentially allow any non-felon to carry a concealed gun without a permit.
''You can carry - simple as that,'' said the sponsor, Rep. Becket Hinckley, R-Cheyenne.
Wyoming would join Alaska and Vermont in not requiring permits for concealed weapons, he said.
Hinckley, a deputy prosecuting attorney, was joined in support by Richard Bohling, Albany County's prosecutor, who said law-abiding citizens sometimes have been convicted of illegally carrying a concealed weapon when they had no intent of breaking the law.
Bohling, holding a notebook bearing a sticker reading, ''I'm the NRA and I vote,'' cited the case of an elderly Missouri man who was found to have had a loaded pistol in his glove box after a rollover.
Bohling said he was forced to prosecute the individual, who was later convicted. The bill would prevent prosecution of people in similar situations who have no ill intent, he said.
However, the bill would apply only to people who have been residents of Wyoming for at least 90 days, so the man in Bohling's example might still have been prosecuted under the law.
The proposal drew fire from law enforcement officials, including Byron Oedekoven, lobbyist for Wyoming's sheriffs and police chiefs, who said the bill could compromise officer safety.
Oedekoven said the existing permitting process allows officials to check whether someone has a substance abuse problem or other impairment that would preclude them from carrying a hidden gun.
Over 11,800 applications have been made for concealed weapons permits and only 190 have been denied, Oedekoven said. If the bill were to pass, those 190 people - and anyone else who wanted to - could legally carry a concealed weapon.
State Attorney General Pat Crank said the system provided a ''public safety check'' for Wyoming residents.
''It's a system that's set up to make sure that people who are out there carrying concealed weapons are reasonable, responsible folks,'' he said.
If the bill were to move forward, Crank recommended it be amended to rescind the permitting process. Two staffers who review permit applications in the Division of Criminal Investigation could be better utilized elsewhere, he said.
''If we're going to let virtually anybody carry a concealed weapon, that's a waste of our time and resources,'' he said.
A provision in the bill would require any person stopped or detained by an officer to immediately reveal if he or she is carrying a concealed weapon.
Lt. Col. Sam Powell, acting administrator of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, said he was not ''overly optimistic'' that the notification would occur, but added that the patrol was neutral on the issue.
Veterans' Affairs Commission Director Don Ewing, speaking as a private citizen, echoed Oedekoven's concern that people who probably shouldn't be carrying weapons would be allowed to under Hinckley's bill.
Ewing said when he goes fishing in the Snowy Range, he typically carries a pistol in his backpack because of people he encounters illegally driving off-road vehicles - people who might have no regard for any laws.
''I carry it because of the two-legged animals up there,'' he said. ''I don't want those folks having a concealed weapons permit.''
Typically, law-and-order bills are sent to the Judiciary Committee, but House Speaker Randall Luthi referred the legislation to the Minerals Committee because it had a lighter workload

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Re: [BEARCLAW] Concealed Carry Permit In reply to
My biggest problem with this is that it will compromise officer saftey. Now when you are pulled over you have an overly jummpy officer asking you for your info. I prefer all be tested and classes taken before they can legally carry at the least. Almost like the bill up in Utah that makes it legal to conceal only in a vehicle. Granted it will reduce the amount of car thefts and carjackings but it will also increase the amount of vehicle break ins and the amount of stolen guns on the streets as well as the concerns of the officers.


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Re: [BEARCLAW] Concealed Carry Permit In reply to
Back in 74 I didn't have to take a class to get a permit. But that was then and this is todays world. If someone is serious enough to want a permit there are classes every where here in CT. I wouldn't feel safe letting just anyone carry with out some instruction.

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Re: [BEARCLAW] Concealed Carry Permit In reply to
I see this as a way of fitting a sucurity issue, with the lack of funding from the federal government to aid all the states with enough money to supply paid officers and hired guns, this fit the bill to a "T".

you have a couple terrorist with automatic wepons who walk in to a shopping center and pull out thier oozies to raise fire and brim stone and is met from all directions front and back with fire arms Well need I say more....

any one caught carrying a concilable fire arm there or any state will end up with a brand new used zebra sute. and if they inforce that law to its fullest extent, then you will be able to at least reduce the number of criminals with fire arms on the streets.

there are a number of states that for crouded cells excuse who do not inforce a law to prosicute and double the centance for crimes conducted with fire arms that have higher crime rates.

I still beleive that every one born in this contry of a natural citizen who graduates from high school and registers to vote by the age of 21 across the entire contanant should be given a hand gun and a conciled wepon permit....

how many people do you really know who will go out and terrorise a fence post.Laugh

I have to say I do suport thier desision and commend thier efforts in protectiong america from terrorist in this mannor, This is actualy a repeal of laws that restricted law biding citizens from carying conceiled wepons in the first place decades ago.

their comands that a carryer inform an officer is the same here in michigan for permited carriers.

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