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snowmobils shooting the gap!

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snowmobils shooting the gap!
While salvaging a quad from a would be watery demise, we were visited by half dozen snowmobilers who had to jump several hundred feet of open water to get across to our side of the lake.

an amazing site to see, these riders were hitting 60-70 miles perhour to hydroplane across.

all I can say is that these macheins must have been well tuned and gas tanks full, any bogging at all I know would have had me pulling more equipment from the lake that day.

any one else here ever go shooting the gap?

if not I suggest you dont attempt it. the snowmobils used are of the racing veriety. and the drivers doing this are skilled race drivers.

You just never know who is liviing on your lake...

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] snowmobils shooting the gap! In reply to
I have heard of it being done and personally i think that it would be a blast, if you can come in to it on a level plane and be giving it all shes got it can be done for a while, but if your nose gets down even the slightest bit you will break the waters serface tention then splash thats all she wrote.

A guy in the town where i used to life would take 100-200 feet of water on a CR500 dirt bike, he gave it full throtle and would go at it, i never got to witness it but i heard that it was a site to see.

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Re: [fish4fish] snowmobils shooting the gap! In reply to
in new hampshire,they banned "skipping"this year,to many machines were left in the lakes


my biggest worry is that my wife(when i die)will sell my fishing gear for what i said i paid for it
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