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1 pound from money in club tournament.

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1 pound from money in club tournament.
Well I fished my first official club tournament Sunday. We managed to boat 8 fish, but only 3 keepers due to the slot limit(13-16 inches).
Now I get to go tubbing this saturday, so I can try to drag up my spinning rod that got ripped from the boat by the trolling motor. LOL
I set it down for a second and the wind blew the boat over my line in the water. Bam zoom swoosh, off it went like a rocket.Unsure

It's not to deep and we thought we could win, so I didn't try to drag it up. If I find it, I hope it isn't damaged to much by the water after a week.
1st pic was the winners with 10 pounds
2nd pic is me and my partner with 4.90 pounds
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Re: [Parstealth] 1 pound from money in club tournament. In reply to
Better luck next time. Thanks for sharing your tourney with us.

Some anglers don't understand that we can't win all the time. We will all root for you in the future tourneys though. For better or for worse.

As long as your rod didn't get chunked too bad, you may be able to keep it as a conversation piece.Cool

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Re: [Parstealth] 1 pound from money in club tournament. In reply to
CoolSorry you finished out of the money and sorry about the rod. Hope you find it. I have retrieved a couple for buddies, and I have dredged up a few lost by others, but fortunately I have never "donated" any rods myself.

After only a week in the water, you should be able to salvage both the rod and reel. The cork handle on the rod may need replacement, but if the wrappings are well sealed and epoxied, they should dry out okay. Too soon for the metal on the reel seat to corrode much...especially in cold water.

If you do find it, you will likely have to clean out the reel and relube it. After even a few days underwater the oil floats off the gears and algae can start growing inside. Depending on the bottom and how the rod settled, you can also get mud and sand inside the reel. That usually doesn't help the performance much.

If it was a favorite stick, it will be good to see it again, even if you do have to put it in sick bay for awhile to get it back to health.

Hope you catch lots of fish and your rod too.