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Tricked Out Tubes

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Tricked Out Tubes
CoolI have never been able to settle for "off the shelf" stuff. I always gotta mess with it. I have been playing with different kinds of rod holders, sonar setups and other "add-ons" for my craft for many years.

Apparently, I am not alone, when it comes to the need to add extra goodies to floatation craft. Here are some pics of some of the ways that folks have tricked out their rides.

Sorry. Not a tube, but a funny look at fishing techno.

A Bucks Bag tube that incorporated a wooden rack for both rods and sonar transducer. Note the acid filled battery in its special upright holder.

One of several Red Caddis Sierras we have tricked out with all the goodies.

TubeBabe's tricked out Caddis Sierra and a 12# flathead cat.

TubeDude's setup on his former TU Kennebec

Another looks at a tricked out Kennebec.

A halibut chaser's Kennebec, with a horizontal rod rack.

TubeN2 and "Toobie" ready to launch twin Caddis Navs.

TN2's tricked out Caddis Nav.

Another view of TN2's Caddis setup

TN2's FC4, with a horizontal rod rack and a finny friend.

TubeDude's Super Fat Cat fitted with angled horizontal rod rack.

TD's SFC rigged with vertical rack.

TD's SFC comin' ashore.

Another TD tinker project. A combo seat, rod holders and rigid apron design.

TubeBabe's Fat Cat

Cat_man's first setup on a new FC4

Fishhound's Fish Cat...Left Side. Multiple rod holders, net holder and sonar mount.

Fishhound's Fish Cat...Right Side. Multiple tubes, for rods, lip gripper and other tools.

Parstealth's newly acquired FC4.

VITUBER's dressed up TU Bighorn.

Sturgeonkid's Bassin' Bellyboat, with horizontal rod rack.

Caddis Navigator rigged for halibut, ready to launch.

Waterskeeter Day Tripper rigged for halibut.

Caddis Nav. 4, rigged for halibut...effectively.

ATFishing's Creek Co. ODC 420, with all the bells and whistles. Rod rack, tool rack and a great Bimimi top. Nice Job AT.

AT afloat in his designer craft. Rigged for either fresh or salt...rain or shine.
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