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Hooks are Dangerous

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Hooks are Dangerous

Report winner week 11-23-02

I was fishing a private lake in northeastern Indiana a week ago wednesday and I was having a good time catching Bass on lipless and medium crankbaits. I had caught 25-30 bass ranging from 1 1/2 pounds to 4 pounds. I got on a deep breakline and I knew there were stumps on it. I decided to throw a deep diving crankbait, I made my first cast an started reeling I felt the plug hit the stump. I slowed down and worked it up the stump, all of the sudden it just stopped. I set the hook and the fight was on, she fought for awhile then decide to jump, well the third time she came out of the water I saw the crankbait headind for my face. I tried to get out of the way and the crankbait hit me in the mouth driving the front treble hooks into my lower lip. one of the three hooks on the front treble went into my lower lip, while the other went inside my mouth and buried in my lower lip from the inside. I bent down from the pain and then I got the lower treble hook caught in my coat. I was in a mess and in awesome pain, not counting the blood going all over the place. I got my pocket knife out and cut the hook out of my coat. I was alone so I decided to go up to the farm house that owns the private lake and no on was home. Well I was in a lot of pain by then so I took off for home,which was 30 miles away. I got home and took a pair of small bolt cutters and cut the hooks off so I could get the bait out of my face. I went to the Med Clinic the doctor said that I was very lucky that the one hook went on the inside of my mouth,if it wouldn't have the hooks could of went through my gums. If that would of happened I would of had to have surgery.
Be careful out there especially when you're alone make sure some one knows where your at. I know from now on I'll hve some small bolt cutters and a First-Aid Kit in my truck.
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Re: [fishingboat] Hooks are Dangerous In reply to
I know that it had to hurt. I have had hooks in my fingers, my arm and once in my knee. This is the first time I have heard of a fish that hooked an angler!( In the mouth at that!) I won't call this an accident. Insted I would call this a verry calculated and exiquted action by a verry smart fish!Pirate
This post has got my mouth acheing just thinking about the situation. I hope you put a good pair of dikes (wire cutters) in your geer for the next incounter with a smart and vindictive fish!
From now on I will keep my eyes watching for that new straine of smart fish!Unimpressed
Thank you for the detailed post! Remember if you go back to that private lake, it has some new straine smart fish in it!Crazy

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