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Strawberry Report 1-19-06

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Strawberry Report 1-19-06
On a very, very spur of the moment trip, my cousin and I hit the Berry last night. We left No. Ogden around 4 pm, hit the lake at 6 pm. It was snowing from Daniels up and we hit the Mud Creek turn off and it had just barely been plowed. Not knowing what else was plowed (main road was 4x4 only), we hit the plowed Mud Creek road to fish there. A good 6-8"+ of fresh snow is on the ice. Buried the snowmobile going down the ramp a couple of times in the new drifts formed there. No more 4 wheelers for now at Mud Creek.

Fished from 6 pm to midnight in about 25' of water. I iced 10, my cousin 3. It was lights out when we arrived, but wasted our time setting up the shelter and it died! Unsure

Mealies were the ticket last night. Fished turned away everytime unless I had on a mealworm. Usual stuff worked, tube jigs, maribous, all glow in the dark. It was cold up there. -1 in the parking log and still snowing a little bit. The fresh powder was fun to play around with the sled!! Tongue
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Re: [fishin4fun] Strawberry Report 1-19-06 In reply to
You dog! I'm jealous you got to go again! Thats twice this week! You suck! Weird about the meal worms being the ticket. Funny how picky those fish can be sometimes. Sometimes minnows, sometimes mealys or waxeys, and sometimes sticks or mice!! Shocked LOL Still working on the kitchen pass for next week!

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Re: [Bigcat] Strawberry Report 1-19-06 In reply to
I know.. it was literally, it's 2 pm. Wanna go fishing, sure, wife, sure go ahead.. OK! Cool-gone! I'm still workin' on the sitter.

After reading TubeDude's post I should have thrown a mouse on there!! We used mice before in Wyoming. Put them on a board and let them float out and pull them off the board. Worked good "back in the day" for some very large trout. One of my favorite Mac food is bullheads. They love em'!