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How many Fishing Webmasters here are...

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How many Fishing Webmasters here are Search Optimizers?
I saw a post on another site about a guy who is stating he can get top 20 placement (in Google) on a search term in 3 months. He hadn't started the site yet and was going to get top 20 search in 3 months starting from scratch.

How many of you think:

A) This could be done?
B) You could do it?
C) Would be up to some kind of fishing SEO Challenge?


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Mike H
BFT Staff
(This post was edited by theangler on Mar 12, 2006, 9:19 AM)
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Re: [theangler] How many Fishing Webmasters here are Search Optimizers? In reply to
I think it is possible, however it would depend on the category and whether or not that genre is saturated or not, and many other factors I would think.

My problem is that I am so far not even on google AT ALL yet! I don't know why, my site has been live for approximately 2 months now, and 2 weeks ago I submitted my url to google and yahoo and a couple others, but nothing yet.

My site is

It is hosted on a free host that blocks the www version of the url, but I do not think that should matter. Perhaps being a subdomain matters, I am not sure.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Your Fishing Webmasters Moderator

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