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Reviewing Harpoon Lagoon Fishing Game

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Reviewing Harpoon Lagoon Fishing Game

Game Play: Use your "z" and "x" keys to move your boat to position over the fish. Use your space bar to fire your harpoon at the fish. Use the arrow keys to shoot in different directions.

Rank: It's a keeper, (SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile) 6 out of 10

Review: Although the boat is pretty slow and species wise the fish are not all that exciting, for some reason I found myself playing this game for a little while. This is another one, I think the kids would enjoy more then the adults, I reccomend dropping in and given it a go! You dont need to download it so its quick and easy to play.


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Mike H
BFT Staff
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Re: [theangler] Reviewing Harpoon Lagoon Fishing Game In reply to
Theres 2 sweet glitches with this that go hand in hand...

fail with a depth charge in ur inventory and you end up with unlimited depth charges. after this... hold down enter and you will make a constant stream of depth charges. this will lag the clock during the stream and the clock will not move. also... a fish that gets caught in it will not have time to die so that you can get major kills from this and nearly unlimited cash. One thing though... do NOT buy a depth charge at the store... it'll ruin the entire glitch
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