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Lake Wyassup

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Lake Wyassup
Lake Wyassup... Not only a great fishing spot, but a wonderful swimming, snorkeling, and tubing wonderland. I remember fishing there, with my dad, and catching "the big ones" and the small ones...

One morning, my dad woke me up at about 4:30. "Emmy," he called. "Want to go fishing?"
Of course, I said yes.
My dad had already gotten the canoe and all the tackle and poles on the truck, so we just left.
We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts and got a half dozen donuts first.
When we got to Lake Wyassup, I ran and put my toes in the water. Always warm water, one thing I remember about Wyassup. Ducks quacked about, and one other boat filled with people fishing was out on the other side of the lake. The birds chirped happily in the trees, making even the quiet loud.

When we started fishing, I wasn't doing to good. My dad and I made a little competition, and my dad was winning. I put on my like lure, a funny looking guy that was clear and white, and cast it out. Jiggling it around a bit, I felt a bite. I suddenly started reeling it in, as quick as possible. "It's a big one," I shouted. I reeled in a little pumpkin seed, tiny as ever. I laughed, and quickly took the hook out of the poor little guy. Holding him in the water for a second, to make sure he had conscienous, I said "Good bye, Ralph the 16th!" and let him swam away.
Yes, Lake Wyassup has been good to me. And if I ever see ANYONE keeping the fish there, I'll be very mad. FOR THE FISH! Emily

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