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fishing + me = not a good thing

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fishing + me = not a good thing
Oh the joys of fishing...
i remmeber, way back when i was a little lass (hmmm....all of about 10 years ago) my dad decided that a family fishing trip was on the cards.
So we packed our fishing rods...come to think of it, we don't own fishing rods, and i'm not sure what exactly it was we were fishing with...oh well
so we all threw ourselves in our lil red car which we owned at the time and we set off about a 15 minutes drive down the road.
I'd never been fishing before, so the whole concept as new to me (plus i was only 7 years brohter being 4 years old...we didn't care)well, that's if you're not counting the endless time i'd run up excitedly to mom and dad squealing "i've caught a fish!!" before producing a dead leaf punctured by a thin twigg! The ways in which i amused myself!
Anyway...we set up *fish-camp* by the road-side/ was one of the best fishing spots...*coughs* or so my father said.
5 hours later i was tired, hungry and crying. My attempts at fishing had been as good as everyone else and we had a total catch of 0! Mom wanted to go home and i was devastated, but dad kept saying "we'll catch one soon..."
Another hour went by before mom finally convinced dad that it wasn't gonna happen. So we all piled back into our lil red car and drove back home.
Hungry, tired and fishless, i vowed never to go fishing ever again!
Well.....then there's always the story of 6 years later... :P

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