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Rice Paddies All Over

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Rice Paddies All Over
I have fished in many places but I guess I would have to say my favorite was not a fishing hole at all.

Back in the early 1950’s the feed for the farm animals was still delivered in what we used to call, ‘gunny sacks’. These were actually burlap bags. If you had many animals at all, you
would get quite a collection of these bags. But nobody ever complained about that as they came in handy for so many things.

They were used to wet down and hang over open windows in the summer time to help cool a house down from the summer heat. They were used to hang open on a clothes line so when you plucked chickens, ducks and geese, you could put the down feathers into them.
They were used for bedding for some of the other animals, such as yard dogs and barn cats.

For us kids, since we were too poor to own fishing poles, Gunny sacks were our fishing line. You take a good strong gunny sack and run a wire 3/4 of the way around the top opening. This wire had to be strong enough to hold the bag wide open. You didn’t need
any bait with this fishing method.

Now you just hightailed it to the nearest rice paddy. You see, the rice paddys had their water pumped in from the river through these huge pumps and water pipes. In the process, many a fish was thrown into the rice fields.

You get 3 or 4 of your friends to go with you and you stand in a straight line across the rows. Then at least one person went with a stick, slapping the water and trying to drive
the fish into the sacks as you stood there with it floating between your legs, holding that wire to ensure that most, if not all the space between your legs was filled with the sack.
And on each side of the legs were rows of rice growing nice and thick.

We caught many a supper this way and were always very proud of our catches. As proud as any fisherman, outfited with the real stuff. And boy what fun we had.

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