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My perfect day

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My perfect day
Last summer I came upon a fishing spot that has quickly become my favorite. It is in Barwon Heads on the Victorian surf coast. Barwon Heads is a small, beautifully scenic beach town. Any Australians reading this may know it from the television show ``Sea Change``.

I love to fish from the bridge which spans the river that flows out to the ocean. My fishing trips usually start about 4.30am. I like to get there before sunrise so that I can enjoy the start of a brand new day. No matter what the weather is like, it is just so thrilling to watch the sun rise over the white caps of the waves, or to watch the brilliant cloud formations rolling in towards me.

Catching fish for me is almost a secondary pleasure when it comes to fishing. For me it is all about losing myself in my thoughts and my scenery. The fishing is fine all the same. A good supply of Whiting and Flat Head are usually in plentiful supply. Still a tug on the line ussually rouses me out of a train of thought or my fascination with the way the skyline meets the ocean.

By late morning I`ve ussually packed up and enjoy a long slow walk along the superb coastline. I enjoy the feel of the powderey white sand between my toes as I wander along aimlessly, the strong wind as it rages off the waves is intensley exhilerating. I also enjoy taking a seat in the sand to check at the surfers as they expertly do battle with the challenging waves.

By the time I get back it`s nearly time for lunch. Quite often I will stop off at the pier in Port Arlington to purchase some fresh mussells, straight from the boat. That and my freshly caught Whiting. Ah yes! what an indulgence. I love days like these.

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