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Best Day...Best Spot

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Best Day...Best Spot
I remember the best day of fishing that I have ever had in the best of possible fishing spots.
The day could not have been more perfect. Beautiful blue skies, light breeze and seas of less than two feet. We left the marina on the charter at around 6am and headed out through the channel to the open water. My contemplation of the beautiful conditions was disturbed at 7:30 with the cry of "fish!" and I sprinted for my rod at the rear of the boat.
I had arranged this trip with 3 of my best mates and thought that there could be nothing better in life than being in the company of friends and enjoying the sport of fishing. So thinking this I focused on the task at hand and with my rod bent I pulled back as I could feel a tug on the line.
I could hardly believe our luck. The fish were really jumping, flying out of the water with the sun highlighting their striking colours. As I was reeling in the fish I couldn’t help but stop now and then to admire their beauty.
We caught a total of 57 fish by the end of that day. The esky was full to the brim! I noted our location and decided I would definitely be coming back here again.

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