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Game swap for bft'ers

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Game swap for bft'ers
I know sometimes games can be costly to buy or rent for that matter. I have a large collection of games. Many are sports and fishing or hunting.
Some are rpg's.So what i have in mind is to set up a game trade system for registerd BFT members only.(In any surrounding area)I dont think it would be wise to send games through the mail unless you really trust that person. But say for instance 2 BFT members in any given area could do this more easily.Renting games and buying them is ok but if you have 1 that you dont play very often then this would be an ideal set up. If you are in the Salt lake City area and think this is something that you would like to be a part of list a game that you would like to trade and what would like to trade it for. Or it could be on a temporary time trial. I urge you to get to know the person befor trying this. But I think it could work if we all are honest and keep our word of doing what we say we will.

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