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Better-late-than-never Electric Lake...

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Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06
Sorry that this report is four days late, but I've been off-line with the holiday weekend and all.

A non-BFTer friend and I arrived at Electric Lake on Saturday morning around 6:30 a.m. Once we saw all of the camp trailers parked at various points around the lake, we thought the translucent water would soon be swarming with boaters and bank tanglers. Gladly, we were wrong.

From the many portable generators we heard humming to the several small grills we saw smoking, I assume that the urges to watch DVDs and flame sides of beef were just too great to allow for any kind of fishing diversion, which suited me and my friend just fine. It left more unencumbered real estate for us to fish, though we would discover that we really didn't need much space after all.

After we launched the boat, we headed straight for the east side of the lake, which was the side opposite to all of the small camper communities. For the first hour or so we had zero luck with minnows, worms, and even silly putty couldn't coax a bite for us. We decided to pull up anchor and move.

We happened upon a small spring that was gurgling from the side of the steep east canyon wall and flowing down into the lake. We immediately saw hordes of minnows swimming near the inlet, so we dropped anchors. I tossed out a minnow below a bobber, while my friend fished with a worm below a bobber.

It wasn't long before my friend's bobber took the plunge, and he soon reeled in a nice vibrantly colored cutthroat, about 15" long. After several more fish on his part, while I good-naturedly gave him "atta-boys" from the sidelines, I decided to tie on a worm hook trailer below my minnow hook and try the wriggling, crawly thing for myself. The rest is, shall we say, "history."

I believe I caught only one fish on the minnow, and when things slowed down on the crawler end of things, I believe I caught three or four more on PowerPutty, but most of the fish succomed to the worms for both of us that day.

I'm not quite sure how many fish we caught on Saturday. We probably boated around 15-20 fish between the two of us and long-line released a few more. We released most of the fish we boated, but the ones who decided to ingest the worms clear down to their fannies, we kept. After being deboned and deskinned, their deep salmon-colored flesh made for a nice dinner on Sunday afternoon.

E Lake cutts are notorious for their wimpy fighting skills, and for some reason they never seem to grow to gigantic sizes. There are certainly enough minnows in the lake for the cutts to get downright porky, but they don't.

The absolutely gorgeous alpine scenery surrounding Electric Lake and the drop-dead lovely colors on the cutts themselves more than make up for their anemic tussles, however. On the way up Fairview Canyon, we spotted several deer, some being button bucks sporting newly grown branches of velvet. I couldn't have dreamed a more beautiful day on picturesque E Lake or during the drives up and down Fairview Canyon.

We packed it up and were home around 3 p.m. Sorry there are no pictures of the trip. I need to start packin' the digital with me on trips such as this. Some of the scenes I witnessed were truly postcard-worthy, and any of those lovely cutts we caught could have certainly graced the covers of the latest Field & Stream issue.
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Re: [PrinceFisher] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
Glad you had such a good trip! That area is so beautiful. I spent the weekend with 3000 other people at Payson Lakes. Also very beautiful, however not nearly as good fishing.

2 lashings for not bringing you camera! Angelic

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Re: [PrinceFisher] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
Good report! Next time take a daredevil spoon with ya and jig it baby!!Wink I always nail nice size cutts with that spoon.And what i mean by nice i mean cutts around 15-18 inches.They hit hard but dont fight to much after that.As of their growth fuzzy should be able to explain why they dont grow big in there.I think its because they are a specific strain oc cutts.I was there july 4 minnow hunting while the family fished.
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Re: [ocean] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
Hey Cesar,

You mentioned you were hunting for minnows. I threw out my minnow trap while we fished and didn't trap a single minnow. They were obviously interested in the bread that I had in the trap, as there were several minnows swarming the trap, but none would swim in.

I tried close to shore, several feet out from the shore, and I even dangled it a few feet below my boat. While it was hanging under the boat I could see several dozen swimming around the trap, but something was keeping them from swimming through the trap's opening.

Did you have any luck catching/trapping them?
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Re: [PrinceFisher] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
I ended up catching about 6 dozen minnows.Thats kinda bad for e-lake.I took my cast net but never saw a good concentration of minnows so i didnt get the chance to use it.I used bread to and it worked for me.
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Re: [PrinceFisher] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
CoolSounds like fun. No catfish?
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Re: [TubeDude] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
I would have been VERY surprised if I'd have pulled a catfish out of Electric Lake last Saturday. Just targeting the trout that time around, hence the location.

Even with your wealth of fishing knowledge, I doubt you could convince me that catfish swim in E. Lake's frigid depths. Plus, a catfish's ugly mug would only serve to denigrate that most lovely of places.

I've really been enjoying the settings and scenery surrounding the places I've been fishing for trout lately. I've made two fly fishing trips this spring and summer to Lower Fish Creek (below Schofield Dam) and have caught several nice 'bows, browns, and cutts. There's just something about wading a river high in the mountains, searching for a fiesty trout or two, that is as nice as can be.

And though I may be in the minority here, I much prefer a trout dinner to just about any other fish I might catch in the state, including catfish, which ranks near the bottom of my edible fishies list. (Your Kitty Krispies certainly elevated its standing after our last foray together on UL, however.)

Have you and the missis fished E. Lake in the last couple of years? You should. It's worth the trip for the scenery alone.
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Re: [PrinceFisher] Better-late-than-never Electric Lake report 07/01/06 In reply to
CoolWe have stopped by E lake a couple of times, but not with tackle in hand. We plan to do a combo trip soon, starting with Huntington and finishing with E Lake. And, with the water they are pumping back into E Lake, from the coal mines, you are liable to find almost anything (mutation) swimming in there. I do tend to agree with you, though. Not likely to find kitties.

I completely understand the attraction of trout fishing. That's my roots. As a young (tater) sprout in Idaho, I grew up trompin' the banks of trickle cricks and brawling rivers...and chasin' those pretty little mountain troutskis. No matter how many places I have fished, and no matter how many and how big the other species I have caught, I still enjoy revisiting the fish of my youth.

I once heard a saying "trout don't live in ugly places". I think that must have been spoken by someone who has never fished in Utah or Nevada...or some parts of Wyoming. But, for the most part, it is a total sensory experience to go trout fishing.

As far as eating, I will agree that trout are (potentially) fine eating. I've had both good and bad trout, as I have with other species. Not liking catfish as well does not make you a bad person...just misguided.