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CoolI have been working unsupervised again. Got hold of some PVC and started messin' with my sonar mount on my Super Fat Cat.

I considered changing to a RAM mount, like others have done on their tubes and toons, but didn't wanna spend the extra $30-$40 for the hardware. I figured that with a bit of ingenuity...and some PVC...I should be able to come up with something simple and cheap. I did. Here is the pictorial and particulars.

Here is a commercially made RAM mount.

Here is what my system looks like, setup, before being installed on the tube.

You start by cutting through a 1/2" PVC 90 degree connection, to provide a socket for a 1/2" PVC pipe of whatever length.

If you need two base connections, cut through a 1/2" PVC 4-way connector.

Drill corresponding holes in the PVC and the mounting bracket for the sonar display. Connect them with small machine bolts and nuts.

On my Super Fat Cat, I added a vertical piece of 1/2" PVC up through the front pocket, securely attached to the screwed-on rod holder base.

I coiled the loose transducer cable around that center post before attaching the sonar display bracket.

Here is the sonar display, pushed down on the vertical 1/2" PCC shaft. It is not glued, to allow free rotation and quick removal when finished.

Here is the complete system, set up and operational. The display can rotate back and forth or up and down, just as with a RAM mount.

After use, the display (with mounting bracket) is easily lifted off the PVC shaft and stored in a side pocket.

'Tooners and boaters may want to mount the base on a metal frame. Just drill pilot holes and screw the PVC base down with sheet metal screws.

Again, the sonar can be set up flat...

Or twisted and turned to any position.

The PVC base can also be screwed down to any flat surface, like a boat deck.

And, you can use any length of 1/2" PVC pipe between the two mounting sockets. No glue makes it variable, adaptable and collapsible.
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