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Reel Fishing: Life & Nature

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Reel Fishing: Life & Nature
This game is not released yet, and no screen shots have been put out yet, but here is all the info I have found about it from scheduled to be released Sep 19, 2006.

Reel Fishing: Life and Nature is a return to nature fishing! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or have yet to cast your first line, Reel Fishing: Life and Nature will make it possible to experience fishing as it was meant to be…as it should be…in mother nature. Learn basic and advance fishing techniques from the Fishing Master. Experience a magnificent 3-Dimensional fishing adventure with beautiful environments, life-like fish and soothing environmental sounds!
  • A wide range of fishing locales from wide-open lakes to dense, lush green forest!
  • Fish in real time with varying weather conditions and daylight patterns.
  • 25 fresh water fish in detailed 3D!
  • Over 100 different pieces of tackle!
  • A one-of-a-kind fishing simulation, unparalleled to any other!
  • Multi-player Ad Hoc Mode with customizable settings!

Figured someone should post on this board. Even though I got slammed by the mod on my last post about one of my favorite games, here goes anyway.
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Re: [daffy] Reel Fishing: Life & Nature In reply to
I bought this game the other day and if I was the ones that put it out I would have to be ashamed. As in the other reel fishing games there is no appeal visually or intellectually, stand there cast reel, fish on, underwater view, fish caught. Wow! It's not really too bad after you get back to the fishing lodge after a day of fishing you can put your catch into an aquarium and feed it and watch it... *yaghns* oh well... But in my oppinion as in all the other Reel Fishing computer games, save your money!
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Re: [daffy] Reel Fishing: Life & Nature In reply to
hey thanks for the heads up haha


Fishermans Bait n Tackle!! ever in northeast ohio stop by!! i'll give ya a discount haha :)
(only if your from BFT :P)
And yes thats me in my icon.. holdin a 10 inch crappie ahaha nothing spectacular.. :)

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Re: [SlamminEyes] Reel Fishing: Life & Nature In reply to
I never even saw that game. I played 1, 2, and 3 and loved every minute of them. I wonder if they'll release a PS3 title in the series. I think there's a fishing game coming out in August or September of 2008 for PS3.

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