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Saturday report

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Saturday report
Went out on our favourite lake this Saturday in the hopes of snagging some momma/pappa bass but without success. We had a couple of takes as we got there but a storm front knocked all the bass stone-cold regardless of what we flipped, pitched or cast at them. We managed a few small perch and one bluegill before making for shore as fast as we could to avoid some serious lightning approaching us.
On the way back i was passing a a weed edge and decided to throw my Ratt-L-Trap across it and make a quick retrieve when a 6.11 lb Pickerel hit it like a steam locomotive and gave me a nice fight punctuated by some heart-pounding aquabatics. It's my new pickerel record and definitely will not complain about being bass-skunked for the day.
Since the storm seemed to promise a few hours of violence we decided to call it quits and head for home.

P.S TD: I'm sure Nicole and I will be back in Utah next November for some Walleye sport. We'll talk about it more as the time gets closer. And don't be shy to ask for any illustrations for your book if needed.

Storm moves in

The wife's pretty perch

The Loch Ness Pickerel

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Re: [AdictedBassTard] Saturday report In reply to
CoolWow, that is a porky pickerel. ALMOST makes it worth not getting any bass action.

Let me know your proposed schedule as soon as you set it and we will put something together for sure...depending on Mama Nature's whims.

I will take you up on your offer of some graphics assistance. As soon as I settle on the pics I will be using, I will develop some ideas on concepts to illustrate otherwise.

We might also start putting together some ideas for things to put on shirts, hats, etc. When I get my storefront website going that will be part of the parade of products. As our members have bemoaned, tubers and tooners get no respect and don't have their own line of goodies.

Anyone with any good ideas please fire away.
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Re: [TubeDude] Saturday report In reply to
Nice Pickerel!
You should check the state record....they usually don't get that big, I'm betting you're close to a record there....
-Jason D.
Woodbridge, VA
ODC 8' pontoon owner
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Re: [JamisJockey] Saturday report In reply to
We will definitely let you in on our itinerary once we have plan. We are both eagerly awaiting your company again.
When you have something for me to do just shout.

No such luck for me. The NY state record stats:
Chain Pickerel John Bosland 8 lb. 1 oz. 1965 Toronto Lake New York United States

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Re: [AdictedBassTard] Saturday report In reply to
Man that's one chunky pickerel! Great work.

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