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Stream Hoarding in Pennsylvania!

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Stream Hoarding in Pennsylvania!
Hi, Here in PA, we're fighting a battle with a fishing club called the Spring Ridge Club. They are buying land and posting it for their own private fishing club. Their club costs $90,000.00 to sign up and $5,000 per year after that, so it excludes most of the general public, which is causing overcrowding on the public sections of the streams. They are also stocking their waters and feeding the fish to grow them big. This is causing more fish waste downstream of their projects, and killing wild trout in the area. The PA fish and boat commission along with the DCNR and DEP have filed a lawsuit against this club on one of the waters, claiming it to be navigable water. We are trying to bring an end to this type of activity in the state.

Please visit our site and join our forum and sign our petition to get legislation changed. Your support is greatly appreciated!
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Re: [Guest] Stream Hoarding in Pennsylvania! In reply to
WOW!! thats some big coin,to be a member.i cant see them having a big club.i agree what they are doing isnt right.good luck on you battle,and hope things privail your way


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Re: [Guest] Stream Hoarding in Pennsylvania! In reply to
First ,Welcome to BFT.

Here in Wisconsin any navigable water is opet to the public. You can walk and fish it as long as you can keep one foot in the water, even on posted land. And the land owner cannot mess with 100ft on ether side. The troute unlimeted here will come in and clear a path so fisher persons can walk, and they will also help the DNR to stock.

I hope you can get the laws changed for the better good luck
duke-N-I from Wisconsin

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Re: [duke-i] Stream Hoarding in Pennsylvania! In reply to
CoolGood point there duke-i. In other states you may not enter the water from private property however, you may boat through the waters surrounded by private lands and nothing says that you can't get into the water from the boat and wade fish.Wink

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