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Bow Hunters

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Bow Hunters
Just got back into bow hunting after a 10 year leave of absence (rifle hunting). I am taken back at the advances in technology. I bought a new bow and am amazed at how much more accurate i am. Anyone else going with the "stick & string" this year? What state do you hunt and what animal?

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
I am considering trying to hunt whitetales here in Minnesota with a bow and arrow for the first time this year. I am pretty good with a bow, but have never had the time to do it in the past.
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
Well this year is going to be my first year hunting with "stick&string." I was going to just go after mule deer this year (do to funding). I wanted to go after elk too. Luckily I have great friends, and they pitched in and are going to get me an elk tag also for my belated birthday gift. They said that hunting without me just wouldn't be as fun. Woohooo glad to have good friends. Oh yeah, this will all take place here in Utah. Hopefully I will have pictures of successful hunts, but either way it sure is going to be fun!

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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
Smile Been bowhunting for 32 yrs now , a little less than I use to do , cause of the kids , but now there shooting , so I will get back in it real hard when they start hunting ! Use to be pretty successful at it , and talk at sporting good shows on how to dos !! One thing I would like to stress for you new timers , dont get caught up in "IT HAS TO BE A BUCK " syndrome , a true trophy is any kind of animal taken by fair chase , and a clean kill ! Please take the time to practice , and to make sure your broadheads are working properly ! And also , don't take those long shots cause your more apt to wound it ! I better stop preaching , sorry guys for rattling on ( no pun attended ) !!

pike walleye

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the Courage not to fib about it,
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
fishing for a deal on a new car or truck I can hook you up. fishing is life everything else is just details.
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
i've been bow hunting for 7 years now in utah and i will never rifle hunt again. i hunt for mulies and for elk. we go south on the skyline for the opener and then i mostly hunt the extended wasatch
good luck to ya and most of all have fun. Cool
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Re: [ironworker] Bow Hunters In reply to
fishing for a deal on a new car or truck I can hook you up. fishing is life everything else is just details.
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Re: [CROSSINEYES] Bow Hunters In reply to
oh yeah, we used to hunt between big and little cottonwood on the face. way steep. we chased a 40 incher the whole extended hunt, but could never get close enough. man he was a bruiser.
like you said, there are some really monsters on the wasatch but they are really hard to get at.
happy hunting to ya. and good luck. Cool
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
Mid-Michigan here , Woods swamps and some of the thickest brush put on the face of this planet .
Basic flatlander hunting .
The southern half of the lower has the little bucks with the big racks , the U.P. has the big bucks with big racks , in my area you never know what you will cross paths with .
Deer here can be as small as your lap hound or as big as an 57 chevy .
How's the bowhunting going ?, you may ask .
Here's a little something I put together for my familys web page .
I hope you enjoy it .

It's already the second week of deerhunting and My brother and I have yet to put some meat in the freeser .

My brother is waiting for his big buck , he's patient . Sitting in one of dad's blinds day after day he has watched small deer go by (small like that rabbit with twigs glued to it's head that brother John brags about ) .
Bullwinkle will come Bro , any day now .

I myself am tring a more difficult approach , I'm hunting out of a tree stand on state land .
Hunting state land meens sharing your hunt area with other hunters and some morons .
The morons are the worst , their tree stands are usually placed within spitting distance of yours , they are too lazy to look for deer on there own . Luckey me ,my fellow hunter of the "moron class" he keeps me entertained during the off hours when the deer seem to be avoiding the area , primarily , when he is there hunting .
He sports the latest in grunt calls from his neck , possibly a dosen or so , you can never have too many grunt calls can you ?
Deer bleat cans are straped to his wrist , luckely we only have two arms , I do feel he would strap on more if there was an extra limb available .
Strung off the side of his hip are two genuine , looks like the real deal , plastic rattiling antlers .
Somewhere in the sporting shop industry is a salesman who saw this guy comming .
Needless to say my biggest fear is not being acidently impaled by this guys arrows , it is that he may decide to shoot at a deer .
Once that bowstring is released , I will be bound by my morrals to haul his sorry butt out of the woods to the nearest hospital for medical treatment . Yes , he will learn that you can have too much stuff dangiling off your body , and it will hurt .
Maybe I should tell him I feild dress anything I drag out of the woods first ,
naaaah .

How difficult is hunting out of a tree stand you may ask ?
Very difficult indeed .
First is finding a spot that deer frequent , other than the road .

Once found you need to find a good strait tree that offers some cover or break-up . Cover and break-up are hunting terms that meen a good hiding spot in the trees , I look for and use these spots year round . In a house full of women they are a safe place to retreat to when you leave the lid up .

The tree should be strong enough to handle not only your weight but, the weight of your stand and all your hunting gear .

Hunting gear , another definition here , hunting gear is a whole bunch of useless stuff that is guarinteed to get you the big buck . The junk usually costs a half years wages and generally hauled into the woods straped onto your body on the first day of the hunt , from there it is usually lost during that day or is retired to the back of your vehical untill the spring clean up of said vehical .

Once you aquire the proper tree in the proper area you put your tree stand up ,this is one of the most dangerous parts of hunting . most men usually perish during tree stand set ups and removals because tree stands are attached twards the tops of trees . one of these days a woman will go hunting and figure out that it is smarter to attach a fixed ladder to the tree near it's base and eliminating the "Oh shit " factor from a pivioting climbing aparatous that other hunting men have designed . Face it ladders are flat , tree trunks are round , the math just dosen't add up to a gracefull outcome .

Most treestand engineers are named Larry , Bubba or Earl and reside in the backwoods of Hicksville Arkansas , yet us hunters trust people like these with our lives . Anyone who spent seven years in the sixth grade has had to have learned more than I have , I was only there for one of my learning years .

I have done all of this , tree and stand in just the right spot , sure it may have taken a few times of switching from this tree to that one with only minor injurys , but I finally have a good spot in which to hunt , excluding the entertainment .

Note to self , remember to take ALL gear out of tree BEFORE moving ladder to another tree a half mile away .

Now, I have taken quite a few deer with rifle , both shell and mussleloader , I have taken even more with bow . Those that know me very well can testify that I have bagged the most deer with my jeep . If in doubt , call my mechanic , his yatch does have satillite phone service .

Taking all of past deer hunting expearance into mind my tree of choise is a 150 year old oak tree , just strong enough to handle the weight of my jeep suspended over the bait pile .

Yea, let's see a deer try to get away from me this year .

Nature is better with butter .
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
got my first deer with a crossbow a week ago in virginia . . small buck

for about $150 a non-resident can take up to 6 deer - 3 antlered



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Re: [southernman] Bow Hunters In reply to
Any buck is a trophy for a first timer.Cool Good job.Smile

What a joke!

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Re: [southernman] Bow Hunters In reply to
Good job and congrats on the buck SM. I'll bet he's a good eater too! How far away was he when ya shot? Does a crossbow give you anymore range than with a bow? You should also post this picture up in the "hunting Photos Sticky" post at the top of the board.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
thanks alot!

25 yards, heart shot

333 fps on my psec? crossbow

its serious shit man


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Re: [southernman] Bow Hunters In reply to
that looks like a 2 if not 3 year old.

the deer dont get much bigger down that way, florida and alabama are even smaller, a buddy took a 16 point buck from florida a few years back and had the head mounted, the antlers wasnt 3 inches wider than in your shot, and the entire head wasnt as big as a beagle head.

for the area your are hunting you got a respectable sized deer. congradulations.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [BEARCLAW] Bow Hunters In reply to
I'm doing what you're doing too! I got a spike last week the first time with the bow. All those years trying then I gave up and took up guns. Had the slow bow but trade it in for a better one and was surpised on how fast it was. Way too fast and deadly! I posted my story on the Tubing forum but I'm going to post it here too as it is Bow Hunters!
And got out the bow and arrows.... Went bow hunting last week and shot a spike. Was only high in the tree for an hour and a half and came along that spike. For the first time I got one with the bow, all that time trying and never let one arrow off the bow.
Boy when I release the arrow on it's way my legs got shaking! It was a whole different feeling towards that....shot. It was half late in the afternoon and I had to wait until it dies. Then it was at sundown and way late and I forgot my head flashlight as my buddy forgot his too at the truck. A long ways to walk for it so I had to gut the deer but I found the knife that I was using broke it locking pin. I had to be extra careful doing the cuttings in the dark.
By then it was pretty dark to see where we are.... Had to drag the deer (both of us) all the way to the truck but we didn't do it all in one shot. We had to stop a number of times to catch our breaths and boy I did put out a good sweat doing that! I was done with gutting the deer at 5:15pm and got to the truck ten minutes to seven PM.
Buddy wanted to stop for dinner before going home as we were out there all day and worked ourselves out. I thought about it on me being the only guy with bloody hands and thought about all those people in the restaurant thinking of me being some kind of guy on a ........ But I found the john on the hunting ground that had a special hand wash that didn't need paper towels and washed myself off...not to good although as it was dark to see anything.... Boy we were worn out!
After dinner then long drive home (I got myself pretty clean and didn't show that much blood on me). Buddy helped me load the deer onto my son's truck as he had an open bed. Too tired to do any more until the next day, it was a cold night good for leaving it all night.
Next day I got up early and called my buddy and his wife said he was still sleeping and got him up at nine. He said was kinda sore from all that pulling last night! Got him over to help out butchering the deer. His first time to see how I did it and he did good. I gave him some of the deer and he would give me some when he gets one. I still have one more tag to fill....
I have been hunting with guns and got a few with it but this shot was kinda special and I wonder why my legs were shaking.....

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