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Bullet Bobber really works

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Bullet Bobber really works
I just got a test package of "Bullet Bobbers" to test out. I was actually pretty skeptical, but i'm convinced of how cool these little guys are. I haven't had a chance to do any serious fishing with them yet, but I was able to toss a reel rigged with one in a near by pond just to see how they worked. You can litterly change the direction that the bobber comes back in. In other words, say you're bream fishing from the bank and there is structure organized in a fashion you can't fish it with out getting snagged on the way back in. You can actually weave through the structure using this bobber. No kidding, this bobber is "steerable." It's tricky at first, but seriously cool. Like I said, I haven't used it in a true fishing senario yet, but these things are really cool.

I just thought I'd give our BFT anglers a heads up on a really neat product that I feel, that when used in the proper situation, will give an angler a unfair advantage. Check out the thread on the "product tester" board for a link and more info on the product.Cool

Bryan Draper

Your Saltwater and South Carolina Moderator

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Re: [Tarpon4me] BulletBobber really works In reply to
Tarpon4me, Thanks for the thumbs up post!

It really is a better bobber for all situations that you would ever use a bobber and more. I invented it thinking it would be easy to get going but patent cost and 3 molds that ended up being scrapped cost me over $50K. I could use all the advertising help I can get, because I am going to have to sell about 50,000 bobbers to get back to even. I could have dropped it but the more I tested them the more I was willing to put in. They are not just for bait like regular bobbers and absolutely fun non stop action in a current from shore. I have caught trout and smallies on them in rivers and only needed to cast one time and then steer it where I wanted back and forth over the hole I knew had fish with a jig or spoon or even a small hard baits.
The thing that I like is I can reach areas that were not possible before from shore. You can control it at any distance your line can reach and your eyes can see.

There are some uses that I never even thought of.

This is the latest good news I got as feedback thru my website.
If it works for Stripers it will work for many other fish. Wish I had a boat to test trolling with them!
I am using your product to troll for stripers in the lakes and rivers in East Tennessee with great success. I am a director of the Tennessee Striped Bass Association and would like to present your product to about 50 members on Monday 11/20/06. If you have a video I can show it would help greatly. Regards, Capt Chet.
I sent Chet my video and he is going to send me a video when he goes out next time.

This idea is one is one I had to try.
Hook one of these on the back and scout the area for depth and fish. It works great! You just need to put a ¼ ounce weight about 1 foot back and the sonar unit 2 foot back because it needs a little downward pull to flip. The 4” X-Large is needed for planing at a wide angle considering the load.

I may get my day of fame!
I hope you all will wish me luck getting on the “Invent It Now” patent contest that is produced by Modern Marvels and run on the History Channel. No, I did not think that a bobber would get me on but the idea of making one the size of football with hand holds and/or a trailing strap could be a handy rescue device for a person stranded in high fast water and it could take the risk out of a bad ring throw to a person overboard. They contact 25 inventors in December and I'll let you know if I'm one. Maybe you'll see me on TV.

Good Fishing to all at BFT,
Paul Lieb
BulletBobber Enterprises
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Re: [Tarpon4me] Bullet Bobber really works In reply to
OOOhhh Tarpon4me,

That is really encouraging news. I can't wait to try one out. As soon as I can, I'll post up a report.

I'm especially interested in using it with my SmartCast fish finder. I've been thinking about a dozen different applications since I first saw it.
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Re: [Fishhound] Bullet Bobber really works In reply to
Cool They really are pretty cool. I was thinking of when i'm fishing the river in particular, when hitting the spot really means alot. With these bobbers, you can make every cast count, instead of having to cast several times to hit the spot. Even during the fall winter trout run in the inlet, these can really put you on them in the current.

I was thinking of ordering a few for Christmas gifts here in the near future once I give them a good trying this weekend. Did you get a tester package or did you order some of them? I got a tester package containing one of each size and a bag of the special fit glow sticks. That's something else that's cool. They have a custom fit glow stick that slides in bobber allowing for night fishing. I thought that was really cool too. Let me know how yours work in your apps. I'm going to give them a try, like I said, this weekend, and see how they work under fishing conditions. I suspect they'll be a great addition to the box. Keep us updated Fishhound and thanks for your input!


Bryan Draper

Your Saltwater and South Carolina Moderator

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Re: [Tarpon4me] Bullet Bobber really works In reply to
Hey Tarpon4me,

I got the tester package in the mail and I'm going to give it a try as soon as the weather permits. They do look cool. At first I missed the glow sticks but found them as I was fitting the bobbers to the terminal stuff.

I'll be trying it on a river first and then a lake - both with my SmartCast and with lures, nymphs and jigs.

I'll post up the results of my outing as soon as I can.