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michigan tubers and wannabees

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michigan tubers and wannabees
I have yet to try tubing, but will soon.

after concidering my options, and taking all the informaton provided to me on this board.

I will be venturing out on to flat water for my few first solo flites.

in the southern central reagon of oakland county michigan there are three ponds available to tubes one of them is electric motors only and the other two have no launches at all and one is a good hike about a mile to get to the pond, one is good for your usual one has rainbows lurking in the depts of 80 feet, and the other is so remote that no one fishes it any more, it has trout bass and what nots...

the reason I call it flat water fishing is that on the windyest days there is no chance of getting hit by a white cap bigger than 6 inchesWink with only electric motors and no launches these 3 ponds of 100 acres each, they are ideal for beginner tubers who want to get their fins wet with out the wories of getting hit by a "pwc" or water skier.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] michigan tubers and wannabees In reply to
CoolHey Dave, it sounds like you have set a goal for yourself. Well done. The waters you describe appear to be good places to find both fish and safe tubing. Keep us up to date on your progress.

One suggestion I usually make to first timers is to go somewhere for a "shakedown cruise" before your first official fishing expedition. You should be able to find a small pond somewhere with a good firm sloping bank that will allow you to maneuver in and out of the water without mishap. If you can drive right up to your chosen practice spot, so much the better.

Practice getting in and out of your gear, and get your fin straps properly adjusted for comfortable fit...and tight enough that they won't slip off your feet. Then make a couple of practice launches, to get the feel of working your way out to water deep enough to settle back in your craft and to be able to start using your fins. Then, turn around and come back in...moving into water shallow enough to stand in and getting up onto your feet.

Let me know what kind of tube you get...round, Uboat, mini-pontoon or whatever. Each has its own special ways for launching and beaching. I can provide the step by step process to insure a fun and safe experience.

Once you are comfortable with getting in and out of the water safely, you can add your fishing tackle and start applying what you already know...or think you know about fishing. You will find that you are able to integrate a lot of new wrinkles into your bag of tricks...and that some of the old ones work even better from flotation.

First time tubers are delighted to find that they no longer have to make long casts. They can position themselves an easy cast from their honey hole and be both more accurate and have better control of the retrieve and the "touch" of what is going on down there.

Then, there is the ability to make vertical presentations...jigging your bait or lure right below you...just like ice fishing. You can do that from a boat too, but tubes are so much quieter and you maintain position "hands free", with a few light movements of your fins. This all becomes automatic very quickly.

Does this help whet your desire to become a "donut dunker"? Heck, once we get you started we will probably really be in for it. Nobody else will have a chance to post on this forum anymore. Bring it on brother.
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Re: [davetclown] michigan tubers and wannabees In reply to
So dave you want to try a tube.
I have been asking some questions too.
The lakes will be thawing out soon and we have to hit some of the ponds together.
Which ones are you talking about?
Wallbridge lake (MUD LAKE), Reed lake, I now of a few more heading toward west bloomfield.
Let me now if you get a tube.
I 'm still looking but I want one that I can possible use on the rivers to go after salmon and steelhead too.
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Re: [stormy26] michigan tubers and wannabees In reply to
reed lake is one and has plenty of parking there at the south end I am not sure if the ground is sutable there at south end but a little walk through the park to the east side I know is sandy and clean. we will just have to use our little red wagonsWink

the other one is berry lake that too has plenty of parking. and by the bridg is a good place to get in and out at.Cool

the other one is a half mile from reed lake and has no houses or launches that are accesable. when I was a kid many many moons ago we could drive up to the lake. this one will be a mile hike no matter were you park but there are some nice trout there.

teple lake in highland too has no boat ramp and is open only to man power boats.

powers beach on the huron is a small 3 acre pond that you can get in to the river with.

my plans for the huron was to walk back to the bridg and float back to the road.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] michigan tubers and wannabees In reply to
teroys pontoon is my kind of ( if you can call it that ) tube ! man that would be fun ! these small lakes , streams and rivers , that would be a grin ! guess i fit the wannabee description

Nature is better with butter .