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Booyaa Shorts Test Report No. 1 ........

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Booyaa Shorts Test Report No. 1 ......of several to follow
Fellow anglers.Cool

I recently received the Booyaa test shorts here at the OnSeafari proving grounds located in Jacksonville Florida.They arrived in the mail in a bubble lined, well sealed envelope to prevent damage or opening while in transit.

The first thing I noticed was the logo. It was white with stitching that appears to almost be 3 dimensional due to its multi-layering. The color of the shorts are a charcoal grey with a black lining at the rear and inside of the tool pockets. I will discuss the lining a little later in this report.

These appear to be a great pair of shorts. I put this in just in case somebody wanted a general opinion. If you want the whole long line....keep on reading.

Here in the South, we dont do much unless we are cooking, drinking or fishing. I find this an opportune moment to throw a slab of ribs, a couple delmonicos and a Cajun sausage on the grill while I review the structural integrity of the Booyaa shorts.Wink

Reading a semi-technical report can be rather boring and dull so I will employ some humor and lets not forget jockularity as to not bore anyone to death. This would be a great time to get a beer, soda or any other alcoholic libation you see fit.Crazy

Lets start off with the actual composition or materials the shorts are comprised of. The shorts are 100% nylon coupled with a Cordura lining on the inside front and rear of the tool pockets and an expandable waist band. This cordura material appears to be a canvas like material that acts as a protective backboard or liner for tools or other abrasive objects that would not normaly come in contact with nylon. This backing seems to have high tensile strength and durability. We all know how material can rip and tear with the insertion and removal of metal object upon fabric. I do not see this happening here. Great idea!

6 pockets and two tool pockets are located front and back and are of good size to accomodate most cargo. I am confident a 12 ounce beverage of choice and a hand held VHF will fit comfortably in 1 pocket.

The front pockets are layered.(One on top of the other, offset at a lower distance) The main pockets measure 10 inches deep x 6.5 inches wide while the lapping pocket measures 8 inches deep x 6.5 inches wide.

The back pockets measure 6 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep. The front lapping pockets and the rear pockets are secured closed with the use of two 1 inch x 1 inch velcro fasteners in each corner of the pocket. The corners are cross stitched for added durability thus ensuring no items accidentally fall from the pocket.

The tool pockets measure 6.75 inches deep and 3.25 inches wide. The cordura material over extends the top of the pocket by 1 inch. This will allow a backing to protect the pocket from damage. Another good idea.Wink

Lets discuss the sizing issue. I have a size 40 waist. The shorts I have for testing are labeled X large. The break down is as follows.

Medium= 32-34 waist, large = 36-38 waist, X large = 40-42 waist and for the Big Dogs on the water XX large=42-44.

The shorts for my size fit comfortably with a belt. The total give or stretch for the expandable waistband was measured at 8 to 10 inches.It is my unproffesional opinion that these shorts will run on the large size. If you are a true 36 I am quite confident that a medium will fit. Remember when bringing up a fish from 300-400 feet deep and 150 yards out, loose fitting comfort is a plus!!!!Wink

5 belt loops were observed sewn onto the waist band. Another notable feature noticed was a small loop of approximatly 2 inches in diameter. This loop could be used as a fatener for a wire attached to a tool for security, tackle holder or a great place to hang the shorts from to allow air drying.

The zipper and front closing buttons are worth mention. First the zipper.I have had zippers on shorts that catch the fabric rendering the zipper inoperable. Once caught, the zipper opens the zip area regardless of being drawn up or down. Once this happens...your shorts are done until a new zipper is installed. This is not the case here! The flap is wide enough as to not obstruct the operating and closing mechanism of the zipper. Not alot of effort is needed to open or close the zipper. This is an added bonus when nature calls.Blush Speaking of......

I'm back

The closing button located on the waistband appears to be made out of stainless steel riveted to the waist band. rust. There are no parts on these shorts that have the potential to scratch, damage or snag a boating surface,cloth or vinyl.Cool

From what I have seen so far, I am pleased. I am looking forward to the field test section of this report. If anyone has any questions or would like me to discuss something I missed, please reply to this post or e-mail me at and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

I would like to thank Mike Romero; CEO and Big Cheese at Booyaa Fishing Wear for providing the shorts, and also Dan Tyler and Predator for assisting with information regarding posting pics. Due to my inability to post pics I will forward my pics to Predator for posting.

Once again thanks for your time and I hope you find this information usefull. My ribs are done and so is this report

Part II of report will follow shortly. (Field application) WinkWink
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Re: [OnSeafari] Booyaa Shorts Test Report No. 1 ......of several to follow In reply to

I have read hundreds and have written a few field test reports for products in my day.

I had to chime in to say that you, sir, have given all of us a true and rare treat. A report that is not only extremely informative, it's fun to read. I hope that all of us can learn something from your style. I look forward to part II and thank you for a well thought out article.

P.S. What about us scrawny little s***s that only have a 30" waist? I'm guessing/hoping they have a small 28-30" waist, but it was not listed.
"What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits." - Albert Einstein
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Re: [Curtisfish] Booyaa Shorts Test Report No. 1 ......of several to follow In reply to
Thank you for the compliment. It has always been my philosophy that if you are being asked to do something or volunter your effort....make it worth while. Hey I also get a cool pair of shorts to try out while fishing, drinking and grillin out. What more can you ask for??

I got the size information off the Booyaa clothing web site because I wanted to know and report what sizes were availble. I did not see any smalls listed. Mike Romero is the Pres. of the company. He could probably answer your question better than I can. I will post his web-site tomorrow. It is at the office.

Once again...thanks for reading my report. I too am looking forward to "phase II"

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Re: [OnSeafari] Booyaa Shorts Test Report No. 1 ......of several to follow In reply to
great test report,

thanks for your hard work.

just one more question, are you going to give them shorts the big beef and been boreto test?Laugh

seriously thouugh, would you recomend these shorts for anglers?


If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Booyaa Shorts Test Report No. 1 ......of several to follow In reply to
Based on what I have seen so far....yes. I have not had the opportunity to field test these shorts yet but am quite confident that they will perform and stand tall in our OnSeafari "proving grounds"!!!

Stay tuned for my field test report and I will be able to answer your question based on more information.