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SparkleFish "Golden Eye" Lure, (Closed)

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Re: [theangler] SparkleFish "Golden Eye" Lure, (Closed) In reply to
Hello everyone,

I was just reporting back on how the Goldeneye worked.

Well it was hit or miss. I caught a few smallies and a white bass trolling but nothing on the pond. It is a very good jerk bait. Very slow and tenative and man did I catch fish. SmileIt was a blast in steams and small rivers. I was surprised on how well it caught stuff. No trout though. But one grass carp, 9 large mouth, 3 smallies, one white bass, and 2 bluegill. My neighbor was very impresed with it ands he bought 2! I was also surprised where I found it, not in a large store but a little tackleshop in dixon IA. I bought two more and on a scale from 1-10 i would give this lure a 6. I was satisfied but not fully. Thank you all very much for the lure and your time. If anyone has ANY questions on this lure you can contact me via- email at or at 1-563-843-2133.

Thanks again everyone and good luck,

Paul Nelson
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Re: [fisherman14] SparkleFish "Golden Eye" Lure, (Closed) In reply to
Did you try this tipped with a minnow or a crawler?

Did you try tipping it with a piece of pork rind?

I think I would try this in deep water or in front of a lurker pond bass. I know they get humongous but are fickle as all get up. (The big ones that is, they are smarter than the average angler me tooSly)

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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