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West Virginia Trout Stocked Week of April 16-20, 2007
The following waters were stocked with trout the week of April 16-20, 2007:

Anthony Creek

Back Fork of Elk<br />
Big Clear Creek

Big Sandy Creek<br />
Blackwater River<br />
Boley Lake

Buckhannon River (Railroad)<br />
Buffalo Creek (Logan)<br />
Bullskin Run

Burnsville Tailwaters<br />
Cacapon Park Lake<br />
Cherry River

Clover Run<br />
Conaway Run Lake<br />
Coonskin Pond

Coopers Rock Lake<br />
Cranberry River<br />
Desert Fork

Dunloup Creek<br />
Dunloup Creek<br />
East Fork Greenbrier

Elk River<br />
Evitts Run<br />
Fall Run

French Creek Pond<br />
Gandy Creek<br />
Glade Creek of Mann

Glady Fork<br />
Hopkins Fork<br />
Kimsey Run Lake

Kings Creek<br />
Knapps Creek<br />
Laurel Fork (Randolph)

Laurel Fork of Holly<br />
Left Fork Buckhannon (Railroad)<br />
Little Clear Creek

Little River East Fork Greenbrier<br />
Little River West Fork Greenbrier<br />
Lost River

Middle Creek<br />
Middle Wheeling Creek (Del. Harvest)<br />
Mill Creek of Opequon

New Creek<br />
New Creek Dam #14<br />
Newburg Lake

North Fork Fishing Creek<br />
North Fork of Cherry<br />
North Fork Patterson

North Fork South Branch<br />
North Fork South Branch C&amp;R<br />
Opequon Creek

Paw Paw Creek<br />
Rock Cliff Lake<br />
Rocky Marsh Run

Shavers Fork (Bemis)<br />
Shavers Fork (Lower)<br />
Shaves Fork (Upper)

South Branch (Franklin)<br />
South Branch (Smoke Hole)<br />
South Fork Cherry

South Fork Cranberry<br />
South Fork Fishing Creek<br />
South Mill Creek Lake

Spruce Knob Lake<br />
Stonewall Jackson Tailwaters<br />
Sugar Creek

Summersville Tailwaters<br />
Summit Lake<br />
Sutton Tailwaters

Tilhance Creek<br />
Tomlinson Run<br />
Tomlinson Run Lake

Trout Run<br />
Tuscarora Creek<br />
Tygart Headwaters

Waites Run<br />
Watoga Lake<br />
West Fork Greenbrier

Whiteday Creek<br />
Williams River<br />
Elk River C&amp;R

Cranberry River C&amp;R