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Standards In Posting

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     Standards In Posting
I would like to remind everyone that the use of “colorful” language should be refrained from when writing posts. It seems we are seeing an increase in the use of words that most people find offensive in a public setting. Photgraphs deemed graphic also fall into this category.

BFT likes to allow people the freedom to express themselves in a manner that each sees fit but if you wouldn’t say it around your mother or kids then you should consider not using it in your posts here.

All posts that contain such language or graphic images will either be edited or deleted at the moderator’s discretion. As moderators, we have been asked to police for such language and images and eliminate them in keeping within the site guidelines and standards.

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

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(This post was edited by BEARCLAW on Apr 25, 2007, 1:38 PM)
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     Re: [BEARCLAW] Standard In Posting In reply to
Thanks Chad. In addition to that, If any of you are bothered by something that we might have overlooked or don't See it as you do at first, Please shoot us a pm so that we can discuss it and go from there.

Thanks to all of you who add to this site to make it the great site that it is.


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