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bassfishing(in german:flussbarsch)

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bassfishing(in german:flussbarsch)
During many other fish types under the strong navigation suffer prosper Bar excellently. Bar are very flexible fish. The problem is to be found only this. If one makes oneself comfortable it and makes in a place Ansitzangeln, it can be that one has luck and a Barschschwarm is there. Often is it however like that that it is not so simple and only few or no Bar is there. It is better to often go on journey and look for the fish. A successful method is that spin fishing rods with art seals. Here different kinds of seal can be used. My favorite is a Spinntwister (Twister with crank sheet). To these I fasten a small Twister, preferentially white, or other bright colors. If the channel water should be once clearer, one should change over to darker colors. With a monotonous waters, like a channel, it is not so simple to find good places. Irregularities such as ports or the transition from stone packing to the sheet pile wall are?Hotspots?. If one luck has can one in such a place a whole Barschschwarm get. I could catch once 22 comrades. All beautiful fish of 300-450 gram. Verbuttete Bar gibt`s hardly at the channel. My largest Barsch of 42 cm and 2 Pound of 200 g originates also from Kanal.Als Beifang is on Zandern to be always counted. Hechte are in canal sections after my experience rather rare if one then Bar imprisoned have recommend I these to smoking. Thus one saves annoying sheds. Now I can wish only much Petriheil... Albert von Bieren
big fish for all wishes
albert von bieren
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Thanks Hecht