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Fishing trip 09.29.07

fishing fishing
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Fishing trip 09.29.07
After weekends of weddings, wedding preparations, and home maintenance, the wife and I finally got a weekend to get out and catch some scaly friends.
We headed to one of our favourite spots - Lucky Puddle.
Air temp: 65
Water temp: 60
Water clarity: 4ft
Barometer: 30.6
Winds: switching between NE and SE at 10mph gusting to 15mph.
Sky: Clear with scattered clouds.

The night before I had decided i would carry my pontoon in to the lake instead of my usual Fat Cat tube. I wanted to see how it would handle with my flippers and against winds.
We had also decided to take in the minimum of gear - top water and spinnerbaits only and no fish finder.
We hit the water at 07h30 and decided to target the deeper edges off structure.
We threw top waters for about one hour taking a few hits from some dinks and nothing more.
Just before 09h00 the wife hooked into a 2lber which gave a decent fight with about three nice surface breaks.
Twenty minutes later she hooked into a 1lber. From there on out she hammered hoards of perch and two pickerel and a bunch of dinks schooling off a lay-down.
I was beginning to stare a skunk in the rear when i hooked into a dink on a yozuri SS Minnow.
Ten minutes later a second dink came to play. I figured that was going to be my lot for the day.
But at 12h30 after a pastrami on rye, I decided to change tactics and use a spinnerbait to target small channels amongst the fading lily pads. Soon I was fish on with a 3lber.
Shortly afterwards I reeled in an 18" pickerel.
That was it for the rest of the day, besides some pretty perch. As we were headed towards our take out point, we noticed bait fish skittering and jumping all over the surface out in the deep water, right where I had suspected the bucket mouth royals were going to be when i saw the weather forecast and barometer reading.
Also the edges were crowded with pan fish, making it very unlikely that many bait fish would be around where we were throwing our lines.
But since I had not headed out with getting a bag limit but rather a test for my pontoon in a new situation, I was pleased at the outcome.
My wife and i took one last look at this beautiful lake with her turning trees, said goodbye to her 'til next year and headed for home.
For the rest of the year it's flies and rivers.


EDITED: Your pictures were too large to post in the main body of the post. Maximum size is 450 pixels. I removed them but attached them to the bottom.
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Re: [AdictedBassTard] Fishing trip 09.29.07 In reply to
CoolGood report and pretty pics. However, as you notice, I had to remove the pics from the main body of the post. Maximum size is 450 pixels and when you copy and paste from a photobucket they are too large.

Also...your avatar pic is too 200 pixels. Maximum there is 150 pixels.

Sure is hard to train some folks.

Our weather here is rapidly moving toward a winter pattern too. But, that is when we experience a lot of our best fishing. Look for reports with pictures of snow in them. We are a tough lot here in Utah.
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Re: [TubeDude] Fishing trip 09.29.07 In reply to
Leapin hell. I swear i changed those pics to 420x !! Sorry Pat. Firstly I'm African - strike 1. Secondly I'm Irish-German - strike 2. Thirdly I live in NYC - you're out. A fourteen pound hammer upside my head or an eye transplant ... who knows? Perhaps neither will help me. Tongue

Armed with toons this Fall, i want to spend these coming months on the Neversink and Delaware catching trout, stripers, walleye and SMB. Yeah!!

By the way- I was pleasantly surprised to find by simply "fining" around the lake I was much faster than on my Fat Cat and way more maneuverable. Less drag perhaps? Even the wind was hardly a factor when I kept my bow or stern to it.
I love my 'toon and may use my tube even less next year.

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Re: [AdictedBassTard] Fishing trip 09.29.07 In reply to
CoolYou are back in the game. Those are all legitimate reasons...not just excuses. It's all the computer's fault anyway.

Glad you are enjoying your toons. The maneuverability is not surprising. Tubing and tooning is just like flying...subject to the three factors of lift, thrust and drag. The higher you sit in the water, with less below water to drag, the more thrust/power you will enjoy from each kick of your mighty legs. The only downer in the equation is that you are also more exposed to the prevailing breezes and have to work harder to make headway against the wind...or to keep position when it is blowing in from an angle.

Good luck on your planned river adventures. And keep those reports and (properly sized) pics coming.

Hi Nicole.
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Re: [AdictedBassTard] Fishing trip 09.29.07 In reply to
Sounds and looks like a nice day. Never seen a pickerel before but looks like a cool kind of fish. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: [TubeDude] Fishing trip 09.29.07 In reply to
Good point Pat. It's also so much more comfortable, too.

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Re: [tlspyder13] Fishing trip 09.29.07 In reply to
Pickerel are incredible fighters and extreme athletes. I have to say that they are probably the most underrated freshwater athletes out there.
My wife and I have seen them jump two feet into the air and snag bugs in mid-flight, leap over branches hanging in the water and grab frogs and small turtles. And when they grab your line, the aerial display is often astonishing.