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fishing nicaragua and costa rica

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fishing nicaragua and costa rica
Another event of the voyage was crossing the Nicaragua Isthmus -- the trip across the lake and down the San Juan River -- a brand-new experience, between shores of splendid tropic tangle, gleaming with vivid life. The luxuriance got into his note-book.

Dark grottos, fairy festoons, tunnels, temples, columns, pillars, towers, pilasters, terraces, pyramids, mounds, domes, walls, in endless confusion of vine-work -- no shape known to architecture unimitated -- and all so webbed together that short distances within are only gained by glimpses. Monkeys here and there; birds warbling; gorgeous plumaged birds on the wing, Paradise itself, the imperial realm of beauty -- nothing to wish for to make it perfect.


No fishing then ... in the sixties , seventies other famous visitor has been Comandant Cousteau....Howard hughes has been seen fishing the area...

In the eighties war came in Nicaragua , Sportfishing did stop...nowdays Nicaragua is a quiet country, sportfishing start again in almost virgin area...

I invited you to have a look at my fishing an example I send you the report #16


Philippe Tisseaux.


Tarpon, Gar, Rainbow bass and... Roosterfish.....

Fishing report #16

Trip from the 29th of June till the 7 of July 2001 Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Report From Philippe Tisseaux E mail:

Web page: http://www.nicaraguafishing

fishing reports ( 16 of them ) at:

Our guest in that trip as been Andy Inam from England ( IGFA Worls record owner ) . Paul our friend of Florida as also been part of the trip... We received Andy at the San Jose Airport and went to one of our Favorite hotel in the center of San Jose. Folowing day we left the city for Los chiles , via the mountains of Zarcero, Arenal Volcanos... and did enter Nicaragua aboard Julia Brava...

With Andy who did bring a lot of top professional equipment, no doubt the goal was to set up a new World record , Specifically for tarpon on 12lb..( we probably lost this record a few week ago after 7 hours on line Report #15 ) .and we did fail...We had tarpon but no big one in that trip,( Except an interesting 130lb on 12lb , 3 hours fight for Andy ) . We talk a lot about World record during these days and with Paul we decide than from now we will register to IGFA the one we beat, I mean for all kind of fish. Till to day I was only thinking in the tarpon ones ( this will happen ) but we also had in the past other fish than will qualified for the all tackle ones Machaca ( around 10lb ) , Tropical gar ( more than 10lb), Mojara ( a lot over 2 lb ) and ...Tilapia ( I am afraid to register this one , actual record is 6lb something we had one of 11lb!!! On Trolled Rapala??? The actual joke is to say than if I publish that fishermen will not come ( who is interested in Tilapia Fishing ) but all the tilapia farmers will set up an operation there...)

In total Andy had 12 tarpon on line 5 to the boat , 3 gars between 40 and 50lb, Machacas , a Tilapia at 1/2 a pound from world record ( No coments ) , Two big rainbow bass, a lot of Mojara and wapote on light casting and also on fly...

Not to bad but still not as good as usual..not what I was expecting...

.On my favorite ground near San Carlos we did not meet the usual conditions...

We where around the full moon and definitely I become more and more suspectfull concerning this moment of the months for tarpon fishing . When we have Full moon and Clear sky at night ( it is usually never the case at this time of the year / Rainy season / but unfortunately have been this time ) , tarpon do not feed during the day... they may take a lure but only as an agressive attitude not because they are hungry...We could not locate the usual large feeding schools. Tarpon where around... but not active, and very hard to have them take a my opinion with the exception of one specific Rapalla...Unfortunately we only had two of these and did lost them on Tarpon on day 2 of fishing.... So we had to use our usual stuff and it did not give the expected results..???.

We had Some tarpon yes, some Gar ( Several Gars in the 50lb range ) but not this big tarpon we where after with the exeption of one witch was really big I figure 200lb+ ( a train or a bus as we now call these...) who escape after a midle body shake out of the water...Big tarpon in the 200lb range do not jump but only shake the head outside of the water, half body out.....

In this trip we also did went down on the Rio San Juan to El castillo , ( Exactly the same trip than made Mark Twain 140 years ago ) we stayed at very nice hotel "el albergue" and have very good food in a close restaurant...River Scrimps, Fresh snook...Was so good than I told the owner she should start a cooking school for the other restaurant in the area ... Hotel is nice there the fortress up the hill in very good shape... The rapids are bigs..very scenics... a nice place to stay and rest , no car...

We also went to Solentiname Island and stayed at the beutiful Mancaron hotel..the place is lay back , no car in all the archipelago, , a lot of very beautiful handcraft here done by the local people , Carved and paint wood , birds , Fish , Mobile..we bought a lot of them as very well done and original, Diferent from usual tourist stuff...I did order several carved tarpon...than I will receive in my next trip there ...We also went to one of the painter house.( A lot of painters do live in the archipelago ) .and bought very nice piece....two of them will be soon on the wall of Andyís house in Birmingham... )

Early morning on the 7th of June we left nicaragua to go back to Costa Rica Playas del cocos FOR A FEW offshore FISHING...This is not my speciality but I sugest Andy we do that ..he had two more day ..better to be there than in an Hotel in San Jose... We really did enjoy the place , Playa del Coco remain the same place I visit since 15 years, a bit of change but nothing major , still a Local/Family place , nothing common with the Fishing resort style... a lot of small restaurants, Small hotels , reasonable prices etc etc..

Fishing as been so/so Andy did raised a Sailfish who took the bait, we saw someothers ... Had several unknown hits..3 good size Jacks, a nice Yellow fin tuna and Andy did break his personnal record for Rooster fish with a 55lb pounder...

We will soon be back in Playa del COCO as we found a very nice captain/guide... no doubt a very competent person with two good boats and a charming bed and breakfast , also there are some rumors around of 60/80lb Pacific snook in very specific spots... with Paul we want to go for them..

I am starting to take reservations for the coming months , I already did sign some trips...I have more and more contact from my web site ..... What to expect about fishing? I will say the usual tarpon , no problems they are here all year round, also Rainbow bass and Gar...In September as an aditional will also start the big Snook fishing SEASON witch will be good till JANUARY FEBRUARY...

Very Important The fishing in Rio Frio and Cano Negro is opening again on the first of August..itís also going to be hot there... ( My operation is located on the border town of Los Chiles Costa Rica and San Carlos Nicaragua so I move my boats according to fishing condition ).

Philippe Tisseaux


Web page:

fishing reports ( 16 of them ) at: