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Yuba Perchathon Report

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Yuba Perchathon Report
CoolOkay, I'll start it and everybody else can chip in. No way i remember all the names but I can say it was great to meet a lot of new members and to see some others that I have not seen for a long time.

Breakfast in Springville was well attended. Good choice DuBob. Got on down the road by 7ish and hit Painted Rocks about 8ish. 6 degrees but no W. There were already quite a few vehicles in the lots and a few folks out on the ice.

TubeBabe and I got rides from good samaritans. Thanks Geezer for the snowmobile ride. I'm glad we went back so that I could retie the knot on my sled that you messed up the first time.

Cruised into where Bassrods, Majja and Wasatch801 were fishing. They had little action prior to our showing up. A brief flurry after and then zip. I caught one fish before packing up to head in to help with festivities. TubeBabe caught our first perch and one more before she came in to join us. Not our best perch trip.

A cold wind came up about 9:30. Was looking grim but it calmed down and turned into a nice warm day.

I filleted about 50-60 perch that other members brought to the party. Pikeman and his bride...along with the other helpers...turned out some great perch, potatoes and other eats. If anybody didn't get enough to eat, it was on them.

Biggest perch was caught by a lady tangler...see photo. Her porky perch was just over 13". You rock ma'am. Shows those guys who's boss. MeMeMe...another lady BFTer also contributed a few nice perch in the 12 inch range.

One young man in the company of BFT member "troll" caught a pretty rainbow just after we arrived...on his new Sportsman rod and reel combo. He was a happy camper.

We finished up by awarding prizes and drawings. Almost everybody who put a ticket in the hat won something.

Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Pikeman for a great gathering.

Here are the few pictures I managed to shoot between running around and filleting fish.
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Looks like I missed a lot of fun. Frown
Great report!

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Re: [JBinUTAH] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Headed to Yuba fairly early but it was the first time there and me and a buddy ended up missing the turnoff for painted rock. We ended up at the dam and had our limit by 10am. We probably would have limited by 9 but we tried to ward off the small ones by using larger jigs. Biggest one was 12.5 and another was close to 12. We ended up stopping by the party later on but we had somewhere to go so we had to make it a short stop. Looks like everyone had a good time, as did we. Wish we could have stayed longer to meet everyone.
image/jpeg Perch-Yuba.jpg (149 KB)
image/jpeg Yuba Total.jpg (189 KB)
image/jpeg Perch Yuba2.jpg (139 KB)
image/jpeg BFT Party.jpg (117 KB)
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Re: [Ktrout] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Maybe we should have fished by the dam! Maybe we should not have had 3 kids for each adult in our group. It was like a midget tag team, the adults lost.
We arrived on time, passed in our repors and recieved our prizes, then with the help of Pikemans boys and 4 wheelers, off we went. Just got set up and wham, My bros. 7 yr old nails a nice 15" trout. That's he and I in TD's photo.
It was slow for Yuba, but we managed a few and managed to make it back to the party just in time for some scrumptious hushpuppies and fish, with hot dogs for the kids. (Good on you Ocean).

Thanks to all, I saw many happy faces on many people due to all of your hard work, thanks again.
image/jpeg IMG_1655 600.jpg (72.7 KB)
image/jpeg IMG_1657 600.jpg (61.4 KB)
image/jpeg IMG_1658 800.jpg (92.4 KB)
image/jpeg IMG_1659 800.jpg (81.7 KB)
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
SmileWas a great day on the Ice, putting lots of faces to names, enjoying the fresh fish shared with a group that love the outdoor and willing to share their knowledge of the area, tips and general conversation. A special thanks to Pikeman and his wife for the time and effort in pulling off a fun time for all. Looking forward to meeting everyone again to see how many names I can remember.

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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
It was nice to put some faces to the names and meet all I got to, the perch fishing was a little slow for some and good for other the food was great...

But next time we have a get-to-gather lets make it when the fish don't freeze before we can fillet themWinkCool
it was a great day...

And many thanks to Sportsmans for all the great things...

Bassrods likes to fish for bass using Mojo lures and Weights, and Parasite Weights.
Practice CPR...Catch, Photograph and Release.
Utah state C&R record 23.5"
Tight lines....
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Well O.K., I'll chime in.
About as nice a day as I've ever seen on the ice at Yuba.
Got to painted rocks about 7:40 and visited with Pikeman.
My buddy Brad showed up and we headed out on the ice. We headed south from the ramp, away from the crowds. Fished a point west of the restroom. Started getting bites as soon as the jig hit bottom. Using gold buckshot rattle jigs. Finally hooked a tiny Perch and used it for bait. Caught our limits in about an hour and twenty minutes after that. Decent fish but no monsters.
Went back to the parking lot to start cutting up fish.

Feast was awesome!!!

Got to meet some new folks. Had a great time.
Thanks to everyone that showed up and a special thanks to all the cooks, fish cutters and supply bringers.Especially Glen and his way too hard working wife. You all made it a very nice day.
Hey, I've got an idea. Lets do it again next week.
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
  I went outside for a few minutes today while at work and was wishin' I was fishin'. I'm glad everything went well.

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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
looks like it was a wonderful time had by all. Cool
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
It looks like the party was so good walleye bob is speechless!!!!(Ha,Ha) A super big thanks to all the doers. That makes it easy when everyone pitches in like today. Yes it was nice to put faces with names. Let's do it again. The ones who cooked need to please post there recipes. A message for Ice Princess and Jr. Ice Princess and Mr. Ice Princess (forgot your board name sorry) Pm me so I can take you out and give you the Joe Joe treatment somewhere. If you are wondering what the Joe Joe treatment is Joe is my youngest so I set the hook and him the pole. I would love to personally put you on the fish if you would like me to. We had a great time and really enjoyed all the good food and the good compant. What a fun day. Thanks again for everthing. Mr. & Mrs. Pikeman GOFISH
Tie on a Maniac the fish'll go crazy!!!


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Re: [PIKEMAN99] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
What do you expect from a 10th grade education. HA HA HA HA Pikeman GOFISH
Tie on a Maniac the fish'll go crazy!!!


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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
I sure wished i could have gone... I would have gone if i didnt have to coach the high school aged boys to a 63-31 whoopin' basketball game... I couldn't find anybody who is willing to coach my boys. Grrrrr.... but at least my team is undefeated in the city league.

Did anybody catch a walleye thru the ice today??? I didnt hear any report on this.

Please practice "Catch and Release All Trout so the Walleyes can eat 'em!"

Forever trollin' for walleyes! (Future PWT angler)
raplreiW walleye raplreiW walleye
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Re: [PIKEMAN99] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
An idea for the next time.
Let's put a good angler with anyone new to ice fishing or with kids. Kind of like a guide service.
I would have loved to have been able to help someone catch some fish today.

I rode with dubob and 2 other non members to Yuba today.
Thanks dubob! Another group on 4 followed us.
The Breakfast stop at The Cracker Barrel was a great start for fun day on the ice.

I headed across from the ramp and over by the willows with one of the guys from our group, while the rest went the other way.
We found Perch right off the bat and had to change from small Gizzy Bugs to larger Ice Cut'rs to keep the smaller Perch off.
The 2 of us iced 10 nice Perch each and headed back to the ramp and hitched a ride with the ATV shuttle express.
Thanks guys for the rides.

Lunch was already cooked and being served when we got there.
A great meal of dutch oven spuds and all the Perch you could eat.
I headed home with a great hoodie sweatshirt and some nice jig heads that were donated to the raffle.
It was a great day with good weather, ice conditions and great company!
Thanks to everyone that helped in any way today.
A special thank you to Pikeman and family for all your hard work today,
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
It was a great day even though the fishing for me and my son wasnt to good.He did manage to catch one 11 inch perch so he got braggin rights one more time and i had to hear it all the way home again!Tongue It was great to meet bftrs that i have never met before and some of the older ones i know. Thanks Geezer for helping me with my auger it worked good enough to make a few holes . Also wanna thank the bfter that gave me and bruce a ride to the west side i forgot your name . There was also 2 kids there that gave Bruce a ride back to the parking i really appreciate that.Glen thanks for borrowing me your 4 wheeler so i could give Bruce a ride all over the yuba.That made his day he has been looking forward to getting a ride. Smile The food was great the company even better couldnt ask for better weather conditions what a party!!! Laugh
image/jpeg pikeman.JPG (1.19 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0104.JPG (1.18 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0102.JPG (1.17 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0100.JPG (1.15 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0094.JPG (1.17 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0093.JPG (1.16 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0092.JPG (1.11 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0086.JPG (1.14 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0074.JPG (1.17 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0071.JPG (1.18 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0073.JPG (1.18 MB)
image/jpeg PICT0079.JPG (1.13 MB)
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Frozenover and I got to the ice somewhere after 7 am. We unloaded and rigged our sleds. Geezer was having a little trouble unloading his snow machine, so James and I helped helped with it and his sled. We took off and went across lake close to some brush.
We drilled a few holes and rigged up jigs with meal worms on them. We dropped in on 21 feet of water. We saw some fish on the finder, but no bites.
We had been there about 30 minutes or so when the so called Officer Friendly showed up. We didn't know that he was with the game and fish. He talked with us for a bit and asked how we were doing, we told him that we hadn't had a bite. He asked what we were fishing with and we told him.
He told us that we needed perch meat and a kastmaster. He jumped off of his 4 wheeler, pulled a perch out of his bucket and cut us off a few pieces of meat and told he would be back in an hour to check with us.
After we rigged up that way, we started catching fish. The catching was spotty at times and others it was every drop, fish on.
Both of us limited out and were packing things up with my daughter, her boyfriend and my granddaughter, Alexis showed up.
SO, we went back to helping them.
Between my grand daughter and I, we caught 18 fish on one piece of perch meat.
I looked at my watch and figured that we had missed the cooking, we were very sorry about that.

Alexis started getting bored and just wanted to ride the 4 wheeler, so after quite a few rides, we packed up and headed in.

I did get to meet Pikeman at the ramp, but missed most everyone else.
We had a great time and maybe we will head back down there next weekend. Those were some very nice perch!!!
A big thanks to the gentleman from the G&F. He got us moving in the right direction.

The first picture is Alexis making snow Angels.
The second is her catching a fish.

I did have one casualty. I lost my camera out on the ice. I think I put it in my pocket, but I never could find it again. Most likely, some perch are taking pictures of each other with it.


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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Thanks for the awesome gathering. We got set up a little before 8 and didn't head in until noon so we missed a lot of the festivities. We had some newbies with us and wanted to be sure to get them some fish. Took moving three times until we found a decent school out in the middle. We got around 20 between 5 of us, several in the 11 inch range. Thr grub was great and someone needs to post that perch recipe from today!!Smile

Funny thing how we located the perch. I had a 5 inch jig with a large piece of perch out in the middle for pike and all of a sudden it starts going crazy. Go to set it and nothing. I didn't think it could be perch but sure enough. I brought my finder over and fish all over the big jig. I dropped a smaller green tube jig down and whamo. We caught 12 or so in like 10 min and then they moved on. Crazt that those little buggers would attack a 5 inch tube with 5 inches of perch meat. Maybe it was TD's special perch bait recipe that they couldn't resist.

We were the group with the malamutes. The one ate 4 whole perch while we were there, head, tail, bones and all. Gotta love dogs.

Sorry we couldn't meet more of you. Thought that the festivities would be going on from noon until one but they were winding down when we got back at 12:30. Next year, I'll be sure to get back in time for the raffle!!

Thanks again to all. It was a beautiful day to be on the ice.
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Well we survived the drive from Cache Valley for our first Yuba trip. After an hour or so of fishing me and Chad had 7 percha peice but my buddy Nick was jinxed and couldn't get anything. Finally about 10 nick started catching some so we stayed out there to try finishing up. Chad and i both finished by about 12 and nick fought hard and got #10 up about 2:00. We missed all the festivities cuz we were too addicted to catching those fat yuba perch and we had such a long drive we really wanted to fish most the day. I wish i'd made it up to meet you guys but i guess i'll have to catch ya around on the water! What a wonderful day on the lake!

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
That's a damn fine bike in the awards picture Pat.Blush
Thanks for the Auger, it will get PLENTY of good use.Smile

Ocean, that was me that gave you and your son a ride out onto the ice, great to meet you.

My self, my son and mother joined in the festivities today. My mom's first ice fishing trip. She is hooked.Wink We had spotty luck until the lunch and then spotty for about 2 hours after that. We finally moved over by the paintings and found 'em good! We finished out our limits of nice perch in about 1 hour. TD's plungers in pale perch were the ticket. I had 1 pike on for a few seconds but it was not meant to be. Had a great time today.

I want to personally thank everyone who filleted, cooked, organized and donated to the fun today. Met a lot of BFTer's and had some of the best grub in a long time. I can't wait for the recipies.Wink
Lil' Lunkerhunter wanted me to thank Pikeman for his lucky pole. He could not believe it when i got back out to the tent and showed it to him. He immediately caught a fish on the first drop and that was all she wrote.Smile
Thanks again and i hope everyone made it home safely. We definately need to do this again.Cool

What a joke!

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Re: [lunkerhunter2] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
In Reply To:
That's a damn fine bike in the awards picture Pat.Blush

Lunkerhunter, the blue ones are better!Wink

Just kidding. Gotta 08 and I love it. EPS rocks
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Re: [Gusman14] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
it looks like all you guys had fun. im proud to be part of a site that can have such a big family like the one we have here. i would have loved to have made it today but i had plans to go to the gorge with my freinds. my favorite part is probably the drawing, remember what it was like to be a kid? that drawing probably made there whole year! good job guys and gals im glad every thing worked out fun and safely.
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Re: [PIKEMAN99] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
A very special THANK YOU to you and your wife for all the hard work that went into planning and presenting such an enjoyable event for those that were able to make it! Thanks TD for picking up the slack for my non-participation in preparation ... I was trying very hard to ice a few more fish, but only found one more dumb one! From all the photos and posts, it looks like everyone had a great time. The BFT get-togethers ... putting names and faces together ... are always a lot of fun.
Tube Babe
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
 That was A Good perchathon Guys & Gals. The Fishing and Food was Great, Thanks! I had a Good time. It was Nice to meet A few More BFTers. And it was Good fishing with Ya Geezer.
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Re: [TubeDude] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
Wonderful day on and off the ice!

Arrived before 7:00 (hey it's getting light early). First one in the lot, and walked across from the ramp. Had a few fish when Officer Friendly arrived. He also got an early start.

Officer Friendly (Richard) is a good guy, and aside from measuring fish and keeping other data, shared some fisheries information, and caught a few so that if he ran into some who weren't successful, he could share some perch meat. Good on 'ya Richard!

Caught 10 by 8:30 and proceeded to walk back to help with set up. Saw Troll (I think) just walking on with a great crew.

Mr. & Mrs. Pikeman did a super job in organizing and preparation. He's a pretty good fisherman and didn't ever fish on Saturday - just worked the party! So Glenn not only thanks - but take some time and fish !!! (As though you needed that instruction).

Wallyebob and his friend were first in and filleted their 20, and then Bassrods and Tube Dude arrived and really got into the filleting big time as fish started to arrive. By the way you guys have some awesome portable fillet tables. Home made??

I know I'm going to miss someone, but special thanks to Mrs. Pikeman for all the prep and cooking the perch, Ocean for the hot dogs, ajensen83 for some great zingy panko fillets, to 4boats for killer hush puppies, and 8Incher for the tasty fried potatos, and letting me use your dutch oven to cook up some of the beer batter perch. Also everyone who bought all of the other snacks and veggies.

OK, maybe the best (luckiest) thing was to draw out for a sack of Tube Dude's home made jigs. Thanks for contributing those Tube Dude, now maybe I can finally catch some fish! Can't wait to give them a try!

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Re: [Lettsfish] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
CoolGlad you had a good time, and congrats on winning the stash of goodies. Hope they serve you well.

Yes, my fillet board is homemade. LINK TO PREVIOUS POST

In the past couple of years I have added a cordless electric fillet knife for "remote" fish cleaning...when I cannot use my 110 volt. And, as you saw at the get together, I have crafted a take down stand that doubles as a holder for a plastic bag...for the fish parts. Works great. (See pic)
image/jpeg FILLET BOARD.jpg (233 KB)
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Re: [Lettsfish] Yuba Perchathon Report In reply to
The table Bassrods was using is mine and can be bought at Cabelas for $20. It comes with the plans for building the leg stand to set it on. I use it for all my fish cleaning at home in the back yard next to an outdoor outlet for plugging in my electric knife.

Bob Hicks, from Utah
I'm 75 years young and going as hard as I can for as long as I can.
“Free men don't ask permission to bear arms.” - Glen Aldrich
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” - Dr. Seuss
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