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New member needing info in lake joy...

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New member needing info in lake joy fishing

I've been lurking here for a year now and finally decided to join. I fish Lake Joy quite a bit since it's right up the road from where I live. I was told that there is crappie out there but I've never caught any. Can anyone confirm if this is still a good crappie spot? If so, when is a good time to fish and what bait would be productive.
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Re: [maintrain] New member needing info in lake joy fishing In reply to
First off thanks for joining, hopefully youll be able to find this site usefull. I used to catch a bunch of crappie out of the small spillway on lake joy. Live crappie minnows with a couple split shots, bobber and a #4 or 6 crappie hook always would produce. But this year all Ive been able to catch out theres small bass and alot of jacks. Now if you have a boat head towards the creek in the back of the lake and just look for structure. Theres a few other members from the bonaire/kathleen area that have fished lake joy alot more than me, hopefully theyll help you out some on this one. And if you want some bigfish stickers just send me a quick pm and I can get some coming your way.



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