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First trip of the season....

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First trip of the season....
     I went out yesterday for the first time here in Ok. It was no good. We just had a cold front move in that sent the temp down about 20 degrees from 80 to 60. I got in the water about 11 am. The air temp was 59 and the water was about 55.
I fished for about 4 hours before calling it quits. I talked to 5 boaters and none of them caught anything so I did not feel so bad. I threw about all I had at them to no avail. I think I should have tried some finesse fishing. It was nice to get out there and soak.
I went to a lake called RC Longmire. It is in south central Ok. I love and hate that lake. Its got great crappie and cats. The bass in the lake are big when you can find them. I go just for 1 fish per trip. I've pulled a 8 1/2 and a 9 pounder out of there. I've also seen some that were bigger. There might be a state record in there. The Ok record is right about 15lbs.
I took a couple of pics. They say alot about the kind of day it was. I would have taken more but I didn't see the need to. I think this is about the opposite of your beautiful moutain lake pics.
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Re: [soonernick] First trip of the season.... In reply to
CoolLooks and sounds like the best thing about the day is that you didn't spend it sitting around at home.

The best time to go fishing is whenever you can, but those fishies can get lockjaw when the barometer is going up and down.

Makes you appreciate those really nice days when everything comes together just right.