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Hawgs dew bite twice

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Hawgs dew bite twice
growin up ya hear everbody`s thoughts n Bliefs n sayins....
butt one i kin remember is a Hawg wont bite again if he feels your lure n gits off...HawgWash! trip a buddy of mine
(his name alsew Chris)and i went 2 one of our favorite lakes here N Polk County. Nice mornin...light fog....a breeze sew slight u could barely feel it(kinda like sitin N da truck with da AC on)with a lil overcast(extra hour r two 2 fish no sun)and da water...slicker than a baby`s bottom, glass...any movements r sounds could B herd R seen.Top water fishers dream paridise butt i`m a wermer,well anyway this buddy n i were fishin tryin 2 B da first 2 catch 1.i git a hit set da hook and da line breaks loose..thats what ya git 4 not checkin your line b 4 fishin....i blame it on that beutiful mornin.....could`nt wait 2 git started.....gota b da first.....u all no where i`m comein from....gota show that buddy up.....can`t let him go home with bragin rights...especialy when he`s your neighbor..
u`ll never hear da end of while i`m retyin another lure on Chris hooks on gits da fish N and says 2 me"dew ya want your werm n hook back?".....Yep! werm n hook were right there n that bout 2 pound hawg.....U just don`t no how long i heard this 1(neighbor)...Chris b sayin"yea i had 2 retreive Chris`s lure 4 him da other day."Hey buddy kin i git ya sumpin?"......good ol neighbors...ant nutin like them....well u all Bsafe!...i`ll quit borin ya.......i think i`m gonna head back 2 this lake........C-Ya!..........

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Re: Hawgs dew bite twice In reply to
I have a similar story. I was fishing Lake Fork with a 2 friends and we were having a great day. Many fish in the boat and some good sizes. Anyway, one of the guys hooked a pretty good fish and was bringing him to the boat, when it broke his line. I told my other friend to cast there, and of course he said the fish had 'sore lips, that fish will not bite again this trip.' Well, I ended up casting down a little from where the fish was hooked, and I had a bite. I set the hook(using worms, of course) and got in the fish, it still had my friends worm in his mouth. He couldn't believe it, and what's best is the fish ended up weighing about 8 pounds, not too shabby.