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Your BFT user profile not only helps others identify you, but provides basic information that helps others understand your attitudes and interests too.

You are not required to submit any information that would compromise your personal security, or allow others to commit fraud against you. When you enter your email address, it is not made available to others, but is used only to forward notification by email of replies to your posts and to let you know when you have Private Messages.

Setting up at least a basic profile is a part of the original registration process. After that, you can go back in at any time to edit, add or delete information…and/or to add pictures and icons in the appropriate spots. The process is simple and it is easy to follow the menu and prompts.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that you have already registered and put up your intitial user profile. Here is how you can check it or edit it at any time thereafter:

1. If you are logged in, there is a “personal bar” within the dark blue bar at the top of all BFT pages. It will look like this.

2. Click on “profile” to bring up your personal profile page. This will be what others see when they click on your user name to view your profile and/or to send you a PM.

3. If you want to edit your profile, or just want another way to view what is in it, go to the light blue menu bar and click on “Forum Settings”. That will bring up your profile editing page. Here you can change anything that is a part of your profile.

4. When finished, be sure to click on “Save Forum Settings” at the bottom or the changes you made will not happen.

NOTE: You can change your user name, but if you do so all of the posts credited to your original user name will no longer be listed under your new name. Similarly, you will start all over on PMs, so any PMs you saved from before will no longer show up on your list.