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Chat room?

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Chat room?
This isn't directly related to fishing, so I guess it goes here instead of General Fishing forum.
I've asked this before (on the Utah forum), but didn't really get an answer.
Is there a chatroom for BFT? I know I saw one on the old forum features, somewhere! I'm all done with chores, and don't have to be in bed for a good 2 hours, and I'm bored!
If there's no chat room right on the BFT site, I know where a free one could be made. Of course, I'll probably have to 'advertise' it in the spam board...heck, I might just do that anyway! Sly

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Re: [Vivid-Dawn] Chat room? In reply to
there dosnt apear to be one now, It was a big to do thing that no one ever got around to using....

dosnt mean it wont ever come back, just for now it is not available....

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