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Setting an example...

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Setting an example...

Me and the boy went to a favorite public fishing hole last night and did fairly well. We haven't been to this place at all this year. When we pulled up and walked down to 'our' spot, I was appalled at what I had seen. What a mess. There was empty worm containers, food bags, bear bottles, you name it strewn everywhere. My son knowing how much this pisses me off, looked up at me and said "why do people do this?" I didn't know what to tell him. This wasn't the first time we have stumbled upon a mess left by somebody else, and certainly not the first time we took 10 minutes to clean it up. I always bring a stash of garbage bags with me just for occasions like this.

I did the adult thing and pissed and moaned under my breath a little, then my boy went to the truck and grabbed a garbage bag. We spent a quick 10 minutes picking up garbage of all sorts. After we filled up one bag, he grabbed another and we filled half of that. We put them in the truck and went about our fishing. We had a great time. I treasure these times very much, as soon enough my son will be too cool for me and girls with be more important. I want my son to have the memories of doing the good deeds such as cleaning up other people's messes and leaving a place cleaner than when we arrived.

It frustrates me to no end that some people think nothing of leaving their refuse behind. What can we as avid sportsman do about this? All we can do is continue to try to set an example for our kids and for other people. It seems to work. When we were done fishing and loaded up. We drove down to the mouth of the river to see what others were catching. There was garbage there as well and my boy mentioned that we had a garbage bag that was half way full. So we pulled it out of the truck and began picking up. Other fisherman were getting loaded up and saw us cleaning and couple of them began picking up garbage and putting in our bag. It was a good to see. It's just a shame that it gets this bad before anybody does anything about it.

Sorry about the long post, I just needed to vent. Any thoughts???


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Re: [ciws14] Setting an example... In reply to
My thought is that you are doing the one thing that is imperative to ever making even a little difference where this problem is concerned: you are setting the example for your son by not littering and setting an even better example by cleaning up the mess someone else has already made. "It's not my mess" = "It's not my problem" in this case and it IS the problem of all of us who truly enjoy what nature provides for us. You didn't just walk away pissed off -- you got busy and picked it up even though it wasn't your mess. You have set a stellar example for your son and for the other fisherman who pitched in to help. It would be ideal if conscience would prevent such behavior in the first place, but in my 60 years I have determined that many people have no conscience. It would be great if law enforcement would/could catch some of the offenders and make examples of them, but that would be too labor intensive for them. We picked up trash from a campsite at Pokagon State Park one time and mailed it back to the person who left it because their registration slip was still in the bag. Hopefully, that made an impression but I doubt it. And most litterbutts don't leave their names and addresses behind. Just keep doing what your doing and, just maybe, when that girlfriend comes along, your son will want to bring her along fishing!
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Re: [ciws14] Setting an example... In reply to
no problems here, I too have run in to this situation as well, I also have done my share of picking up.. and will continue to do so....

the problem is respect, so little of that going around these days, people dont respect thier jobs, they dont respect any thing that they are not responcible for picking up...

there is one other thing you can do, when you are with your buds and you see them thow trash around, even if it is so much as a bottle cap or cigerett but, dont take them fishing with you any more, and if they ask you why you wont go with them, tell them you spend enough time picking up after other slobs and your not looking forward to picking up after them....

I have a neighbor who I have not taken fishing for about a year now since I have spotted him throwing around trash "primarily cig buts" and in my yard Mad can ya beleive it, and he wants to go fishing with me... I DONT THINK SO...

Thanks for the share... Keep up the good fight.Cool

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [ciws14] Setting an example... In reply to
I understand the pain. My son and I spend alot time catfishing on may rivers thru out the State. We always take a large trash bag and clean up where we fish but it is a loosing battle. When you carry out more trash than fish. We have many sites do too this and property owners just do not let anyone gain accress too some great river fishing areas. Due too the slob's that seem too think they do not have too carry out what they carry in. I have even sent picture too the newpapers and Dnr to at least try too get a few littering tickets but it is something that they will not enforce. So much for our officers that we pay too serve and protect.
just my 2 cents
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Re: [ban_t] Setting an example... In reply to
I agree with you guys. There are just too many people who think fishing means, setting in a chair,drinking something,throwing the empty container on the ground,check your pole,rebait it,throw that container down "it's just too much of a hassle to clean up that stuff we threw down there, the water will take it down stream, all water ends up at a treatment plant anyhow"
I know that's how these people think,because I've caught them doing this and have asked them why they do it. Another thing that really gets me mad is this: Finding big fish dead on the banks with their sides filleted off and gone. I think it's more productive to put the big fish back and keep the smaller,younger fish to eat. The big fish might be 20+ years old,and capable of reproducing. Oh well, I won't get too involved in that topic, I'll be here all day.Cool
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