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Friday Willard report

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Friday Willard report
Kevin and I were on the water about 630 to 645ish. Parked the truck and off we went. I about 5 to 10 minutes off of the ramp Kevin gets hit real hard and it is fish on. the drag is a singing and we are wooting it up as this is the start of a good day. Well after about a 5-7 minute fight Mr fish spits the hook about 10 yds from the boat.
From where I was sitting it looked like a very big cat, and that is what Kevin thought as well. So back to fishing about 10 minutes later I get hit and pull in a very fat 18inch Walleye. All lines back in the water and we keep fishing. Heading for the North dike. Just after we arrive on station Kevin hooks up with the biggest fish of the day, it is a 22 in Wiper. After this fish Kevin went cold. We cruised up and down the N dike for the majority of the day, I boated 3 wipers all of them between 19 and 21. I did lose one right at the boat that looked like it may have rivaled Kevin's fish but since it never made it to the scale or the tape one never knows. We ended the day with just the 5 fish in the boat by about 430. All my fish came on a pearl plug. Kevin's fish were on a similar plug. We had no luck with any other offerings, and we pretty much through everything we had. From Chrome/Blue, black fire tiger and Chartreuse to name a few.

We only have the one pic has we managed to both leave the cameras behind, to top it off I broke my electric fillet knife so I had to do the last one at home. So here is a pic of the 22er.

Water in the high 70, and the water was dead flat glass all day. The gnats sucked a$$ today.

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day."...Anonymous

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