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High Savery Reservoir

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High Savery Reservoir
Was lucky enough to get to spend a paid week in Rawlins because of my job... Most guys I work with avoid the duty like it was the plague, but I am the type that will make lemonade from free lemons, Hooked up my boat and headed out... Did not quite get as many fishing opportunities as I wanted, but I did succeed on all of the plans I had... Wanted to explore and fish High Savery Reservoir and to catch each of the three species in the lake... Kokanee Salmon, Cutthroat, and Tiger Trout (cross between Brown and Brook Trout)...

High Savery is about 40 miles south of Rawlins on Highway 71 (Sage Creek Road) kind of Improved, kind of half way paved... I am not much on taking my boat on dirt roads, and this was for sure a long rough dirt road...

Was finally able to make it to the lake having trouble finding the thing, thinking I was on the wrong road the first trip down...

First thing I noticed about the lake, being a brand new reservoir, and talking to other fishermen about the lake... When they made the reservoir they did NOT remove the sagebrush at all!

All around the lake every shore is choked with brush and grass... I know when they made Flaming Gorge they removed most of the sagebrush, burning it off... And the few areas that they did not remove the brush were known to be THE big Brown Trout locations... Hmmmm....

Crystal clear cold and dark looking, The deepest water I found 120 feet was near the dam.

Very inaccessible, the only road I found was straight to the boat ramp. No camping. There were a couple guys fishing the shore but did not see too many roads. Striking beauty with the Medicine Bow Forrest in view on the mountains beyond the lake...

Started by targeting my favorite species Kokanee Salmon...

First fish caught and the species that bit on everything I tried... Colorado River Cutthroat... They were mostly small 12 inches... A few of the fish I caught were scaled on the sides by big fish grabbing them!

Finally some Kokanee!

The Kokanee were small but also very plentiful... Did very well with cripple lures... But also caught a couple on spinners...
Spent the rest of the day trying everything I had trying to catch a Tiger Trout... Seems that they are too tough to catch for this little black duck! High Savery Reservoir... A very out of the way, very beautiful place to fish... I guess I was happy with myself catching two of the three species I was after anyway, and I was able to find the lake! (I was really starting to wonder if I would...) heh two out of three aint bad!!!

Oh wait I did catch a Tiger or two!

The couple I did catch were not big, but they were very different looking, but for the most part acted like a brown trout...

Very good fighters...

Had a really good week... Next time will fish Seminoe Reservoir... Have a good one... I know I will! heh LBD
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Re: [daffy] High Savery Reservoir In reply to
Great report.
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Re: [daffy] High Savery Reservoir In reply to
Hey buddy ,nice report. Glad to see that the mighty sea-ray finally got wet. I had no idea that resivior was that deep..
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Re: [kokeking] High Savery Reservoir In reply to
Thanks guys,
Wanted to get some pictures, and catch a few of each of the three species, mission accomplished! Savery is a really cool lake to fish... It is all so new! Sort of like the Gorge was when it was new... Different kinds of fish but the combination will work good I think... When the Tigers get big enough to target the Kokanee, LOOK OUT!!! Who knows they might be that size already!
Haha The Mighty Searay is not seeing as much action as in years past that is fer sure! But it is running good and is holding up strong! Sure missing the Gorge and friends and family... LBD
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Re: [kokeking] High Savery Reservoir In reply to
Since getting back from my week in Rawlins I have been doing some research... Looked on Terraserver and found that the topo map there did not show High Savery at all... Used a couple other map programs I have and made a highly detailed underwater map of High Savery Reservoir...

Here is a small version of what I have...
If anyone is interested send me a PM and I'll shoot you copy of the full size version... I also have maps I have made of other lakes... Let me know... Have a good one... LBD

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