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Wii Fishing

fishing fishing
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Wii Fishing
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Wii. I bought two for mine, Fishing Master and Sega Bass Fishing.

Fishing Master was a pleasant surprise, even though the multiple fishing with others stinks. It's not a fishing sim like Championship Bass or Trophy Bass 4 are on the PC. It's not realistic at all as far as some of the fish you catch ie the man-fish or the mother-in-law fish. Alot of humor going on here. But the realism is in casting, reeling, and gosh darn it, it is just plain FUN. I have enjoyed it and I have attained the rank of Ultimate Master having completed all of Grandpa's tasks, all of the tournaments and have filled out all of the fishing charts. I even started over again.

Sega Bass Fishing got wonderful reviews on Amazon, that's why I bought it, but you are limited in where you can cast, you have 4 lure types to choose: floating, shallow crank, spinner for medium depth, and worm for bottom. I was disappointed. The fish seem to react and bite realistically, but I found the reeling in to be sluggish on response of the Wii.

The only other game that I haven't tried but would like to is HOOKED...if anyone has had any experience with these or others would enjoy finding out.

Although far from perfect, but lots of fun, Fishing Master is my best choice so far. I understand that there is one in the works that will be for online tournaments. That would be a blast.
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Re: [MrMagoo] Wii Fishing In reply to
If you haven't tried rapalas fishing game you should. It has tons of tackle to chose from (all Rapala of course), great game play, and tons of different species of fish (some on different continents). I just bought the game so haven't played it much but it is really a great game from what I've seen.
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Re: [MrMagoo] Wii Fishing In reply to
I'm getting a wii here pretty soon and i looked into these fishing games and still am not that impressed.

Back in the supernintendo days they had way better bass fishing games in my opinion. I wanna be able to flip and pitch plastics and jigs. To me that would be the best experience

With the rapala game it would be cool if they had jigs and stuff but they don't.

So i'm still playing the waiting game.

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